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Steven Wiseman began this journey 6 months ago, 40 pounds heavier and with a measly half marathon under his belt.  What did he take away from the experience?  What would he do differently? What is next for him?

Enjoy Becoming Ultra, produced by Athlete On Fire.

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If I told you today that in 6 months you would be running 50 miles, and the longest you have run to date is a half marathon, could you do it?  Well, our runner for season 3, Steven Wiseman, is about to find out this weekend.  We chat about what the last few days look like with his coach, Liza Howard.  Mental and physical prep the week of and up to the start line and he tells us who he is running for. Enjoy the show.

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Warren Pole of 33 Shake have been a partner with us at Becoming Ultra for almost a year.  He catches us up on how business is going for the endurance nutrition product as well as what the holidays are like in London.  Nutrition tips for the holiday season and a nice little hook up for listeners!

Becoming Ultra is produced by Athlete On Fire.

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Look, Liza has no problem if you are wearing basketball shorts and cotton socks and you pass her.  It’s just that, this doesn’t usually happen.  A show about trusting a diagnosis and when no, you aren’t getting old, you aren’t fat, and you aren’t out of shape.  Listening to our bodies and when we should, and should not push. There is also a case for finishing even when it isn’t pretty.


This show and all others in the series are about helping first time ultra runners and runners in general. Thanks for listening.  Oh, we have some cool affiliates that when you buy from them, hook us up with about 6-10% of the sale.  That helps sooo much.


Becoming Ultra is produced by Athlete On Fire

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Steven is surprised about something he didn't plan for for his first marathon. You will probably be able to relate.  That and more from his first marathon.  Liza and Scott are just here for comic relief today.

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Liza and Scott share stories from their first marathon, that just happened to be the same one.  Steven is gearing up for his first marathon ever and it is just a part of his training.  Also, what are some thoughts on recovery.  Thanks for joining us on the Becoming Ultra show!

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On this episode we have a chance to see what the fuss was all about at the Team RWB Trail running camp.  What did Liza and Steven learn from the coaches and runners?  What in the heck is runners flu? If anything.  Also, how facing the toughest things in life makes us all better for it.  We hope you enjoy the show.

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Our host had an experience on the treadmill and the same day found some science to support it.  Is fatigue totally in your head?  Also, DNF-ing is such a daunting concept.  Most of us have been there or will be one day but what about focusing on the start line and letting the cards fall where they may.

Enjoy this episode of the Becoming Ultra show!

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Recovery week!  Steven has one coming up and we dive in a bit more on the why and how of recovery as it pertains to the bigger picture of training for a first ultra!   Learn more at

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My First Ultra is all about sharing stories of the first ultra our guest ever ran.  Some glorious feats and some sloppy cry fests.  Either way, you are bound to learn something from you peers on the trails.  

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