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Steven has run a new longest run.  Liza just got back from pacing at Badwater, a grueling 135 miles that start in Death Valley and goes to Mt. Whitney.  We talk about having kids at events, cramping, and other basic training concepts for first time ultra runners!

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Learn from every day runners who go and do epic distances for the first time.  On this episode learn from a military attorney who shares insights from his very well known coach.  What did Alzheimer's have to do with motivating him? When and where was his first ultra? What does "Be Like Water" mean to him?  What was his base before starting his training.  This and much more on this episode of the Becoming Ultra production!


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This one gets pretty uncomfortable, literally. We go a bit longer in the episode because there was so much to talk about regarding chafing, bears, and training.  Becoming Ultra is here to relate to the world of first time ultra runners.  Pop those head phones in, go for a run and enjoy the show!

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Moriah hails from Northeast Pennsylvania and started running about 5 years ago. It wasn't until she recently found trail running that she feels she truly found her passion.  There will be blood, and bones showing, mud, and lots more to learn from her first experiences as an ultra runner.  We just hope you pick something up from her!

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Steven keeps hitting the boredom point around mile 8-10.  It's gonna happen every once in awhile. You can listen to shows, music, and apparently, "Murder She Wrote."  You can also play some mental games without electronics and of course, find people to run with.  We talk about any and all of this on the Becoming Ultra show today!


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Steven has been training for his first ultra for about 5 weeks now and he already has learned so much about himself.  On this show we talk about running in the rain and considerations to make it better, or to not run in it at all.  He is experiencing dead legs so we troubleshoot the possible causes and we start down a rabbit hole on what podcasts we listen to on runs!  Enjoy this one on the Becoming Ultra Show, produced by Athlete On Fire

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A new series called Summer Repeats to help train you on things when you aren't running.  Unique drills and training tips. A call for designers and design ideas for Becoming Ultra apparel. We feature a running related Instagram feed. The 33 Shake team updates us on the end of their cross country USA tour.  All this and updates for Season 3.  Enjoy the Becoming Ultra show produced by Athlete On Fire.

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Steven has been training for a couple weeks and we wanted to see how the formal training has affected his mindset.  We talk hydration, heat training, and best practices in these early summer months.  How and why would you make an ice bandana? Thanks for following along the Becoming Ultra show, produced by Athlete On Fire.

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Becoming Ultra began a little over a year ago with the idea of videoing some runners training for their first ultra. Three seasons later a podcast, website, and countless videos have been created.  We have thousands of downloads per months and a great community is developing.  This is the show to start the planning to keep this around for a long time.  Not unlike running an ultra, we are in it for the long haul and hope you'll be a part of this.  Thanks for listening. Becoming Ultra is produced by the Athlete On Fire Show.

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This selection show is always pretty fun but inevitably we always wonder if we made the right choice after it’s all said and done.

  • Will the runner respect the process?
  • Will they flake?
  • Will they give up at the first sign of adversity?
  • Did the other runners offer more?

After it’s all said and done, there is no bad choice.  A bunch of runners who want to experience something EPIC have put themselves out there.  We are excited to help the runner we picked and hope that you all will get involved in this community of support and passion for BEcoming Ultra. Becoming Ultra is produced by Athlete On Fire.

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