Athlete On Fire (becoming ultra)

Liza and Krystal come to talk about something that every runner struggles with.  Figuring out an answer when your friends, many of them not runners, want to know how long your race is going to take you.  Having the right goal before you go into the race is important as is being able to tell crew and family/friends about when to expect you.  We also go over Krystal's training for the last couple weeks.  Enjoy Becoming Ultra. Note: At 12 minute mark Liza squeeled.  We don't think her cat was harmed but we have no evidence either way.  It is, however, pretty fun

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Janet's training is going very well so are starting to focus on things to consider for her during the race.  Having a pacer can be a great addition to the experience but there are some things that many runners just don't know, or didn't think about.  That's what today's show is about.  Who is a good fit?  How do you set expectations?  When you you kindly tell them you are going to go it alone?  These questions and more with Ian Sharman and his runner Janet on the Becoming Ultra show! 

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