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Our guest spent most of his childhood not really happy where he was physically.  Then came college and the drinking and eating at a school known for partying.  His story has been told before and this is the first time.  It could be you.  We hope his story moves you to make a change of your own!  Athlete On Fire brings stories to inspire and teach athletes and remember, everyone is an athlete!

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Our guest got done playing professional football in the NFL and started training young athletes in his hometown of Portland.  He learned pretty quickly that the mental side of their game was lacking.  We talk mindset and his story on this episode of the Athlete On Fire.

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Olaniyi Sobohemin played in the NFL and has focused on mindset with athletes as he found the mental game was lacking. This is an excerpt from a full episode releasing soon from the Athlete On Fire Network. 

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When the culture is straight out of Wolf On Wall Street.  When you have a few pints at lunch almost every day and the white lies add up coming home after work.  When your mind and body aren't functioning like they used to as a professional footballer(soccer).  Maybe it's time for a personal change and a cultural one.  That's what our guest has set out to do.  This is the story of making quitting something an advantage instead of a drag.  It's about being strong for yourself and your family.  And it's all pretty positive.  No judgements.  Just a challenge for individuals.  You should check this out if you have ever said, " I'm never drinking again."  

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Our guest shares her amazing story of survival.  We hope this inspires and drives you to your own greatness. We also hope you'll help her get some new legs.  Listen why.  this is the Athlete On Fire show!

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Our guest was in a brutal accident that should have killed her but all it took was her legs.  She shares her story and we share how you can help this amazing athlete.  

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The Becoming Ultra is showcasing yet another runner training for a 50 miler with the coaching help of one of the best ultra runners out there, Liza Howard.  We talk about his best and worst experiences running to date, what he is excited about, as well how his relationship with his coach will work.  We hope you enjoy and learn something from the show!

Becoming Ultra is produced by the Athlete On Fire show.
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Loren Landow trains some of the best and most committed athletes in the world. What does his journey to this point look like?  What career decisions has he made and what challenges to up and coming coaches and trainers face? Listen to Loren and Scott, the host, talk about the industry in general and some ways to do well in the space. Also, one exercise you can't do without in a bunch of random sports.  Enjoy this episode of the Athlete On Fire show.

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JC Santana is the authority on functional training.  We talk about some of the myths associated with the term functional, the athletes he is working with now, and the challenges he sees new trainers and coaches facing every day.  With unmatched energy and enthusiasm for his trade, you will walk away feeling more confident about the state of training and how it applies to you.  JC also shares one of the toughest bodyweight leg sets we have tried that he uses for many of his pro MMA athletes.  Enjoy the show!

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David Clark founded the We Are Superman site to inspire action.  The action he has taken after living the life of a morbidly obese addict has been no less than awesome.  He celebrated 10 years of sobriety with ten truly epic challenges that he shares with us on the show.  If you or someone you know is in a rut or needs help deciding what step to take next, the message might be here.  Enjoy this passion filled episode of Athlete On Fire.

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