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Trey Jenifer was born with a rare disease that didn't allow his lower body to develop.  Who cares?  This dude is a beast. From one of the best wrestlers in the state of Maryland and on to college and now Team USA's wheelchair basketball team he is an amazing athlete. On this episode we talk about some of the things everyone wonders but never asks people without legs.  What it is like to compete at the highest level.  We learn so much that you are just going to have to listen yourself!  It's a fun one on the Athlete On Fire show.

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Our guest shares her passion for life and all things running with Athlete On Fire. Find out how she ended up in one of the most beautiful places in the United States.  Her philosophy on happiness.  Why following your dream is good parenting and what crazy dream she is embarking upon in 2016.  Her heart is big for charity and helping others and you will come away learning something about her, and yourself after this episode of Athlete On Fire.

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We have been following along with Matt Fitzgerald and his journey to become an ultra runner for the last 6 months and finally, the day has come.  On this episode we talk about the race and everything surrounding it including the many rookie mistakes, how many times he fell, the head on mountain biker, and big time takeaways for next time.  Enjoy the Fitz Ultra show as a part of the Athlete On Fire Network!

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We were on the top of the world.  Well, the top of the ski mountain that sometimes feels like the top of the world. Why was their fresh powder here?  We got a late start and still, knee deep powder?  It's crazy, thousands of other people had the chance to ski this stuff but they didn't.  Why?  Because they didn't go just a little bit further.  Just 70 yards more and they would have been in heaven like we were.  There are plenty of examples of when going just a little bit further can make a big difference and that's what today's show is all about.  Thanks for listening to the Athlete On Fire show!

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This Athlete On Fire was recorded on the daunted Monday after Daylight Savings.  An inspiring email was read on air and you are probably going to be able to relate if you are training for anything.  We talk about an amazing upcoming guest, a great workout to try, achilles treatment, and why training for health alone is pretty dumb.  Enjoy this episode of the Athlete On Fire show!

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Accountability, sense of purpose, new skills, and fun.  These are some of the reasons you should train for something bigger than you have ever done. Something out of your comfort zone.  One of the only ways you know if training for your health is working is if you get sick or hurt.  That's no way to do this thing, life.  On today's should we hope to give you specific points for yourself, or someone you know needs to hear it.  The Athlete On Fire show is about bridging the gap between amazing athletes, adventurers, and entrepreneurs!

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Steve and Maria Siguaw have sailed more than half way around the world and it is just about to get real interesting.  Infighting within their rally, warnings of pirate activity, and shady port officials.  Enjoy the story of an adventure around the world and learn a  little about the beautiful Sri Lanka this week!  

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Today we go over the details of what may be needed from your crew the next time you sign up for an ultra.  Setting up expectations and good planning go a long way in the success of your race and having a great functioning crew.  Enjoy this episode of the Becoming Ultra Show which is a part of the Athlete On Fire Network.



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Matt Fitzgerald has proclaimed himself "The Connoisseur Of Pain" after a knee issue on his longest ever run of 37 miles. Injuries and when and how to push through were the theme of the day.  Are you pushing through too much? Too little?  You probably won't get  a definitive answer today but you'll get to thinking.  Enjoy the Fitz Ultra Episode!



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A friend to all that know him, Johnny Waite has been both racer and director of endurance races including the infamous Death Race.

Having seen and experienced pretty much everything there is to offer, he not only knows how to do endurance racing, but how to win them too. Team SISU caught up with him and discussed not sleeping, how to do tests, and of course bear hugs in Jurassic Park.  SISU:RADIO is a part of the Athlete On Fire Network.

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