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Kristina Barnes has been quietly destroying OCR and endurance events with ease for a number of years now. So much so, that she recently designed and led her own rucking event.

Harnessing her first hand knowledge, Kristina is now looking at the community in a broader scope, looking to bring that same excitement she feels to others that may not have had the same opportunity.

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Zac Cromwell has quietly gone about his journey in endurance, making many friends along the way. Harnessing his love and skills in rock climbing towards that of endurance events, he understands what it means to keep going.

Catching up with Cookie from Team SISU recently, he discussed experiencing "the dark place" and how a couple of DNF's at events has made him grateful for what he now knows and how he spreads that same gratitude.

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Jon is a long-serving writer for These Football Times and the Original Coach and is the author of the upcoming book "It's Just a Ball: Exploring the Complexities of a Simple Game".

Jon, a supporter of Liverpool Football Club and AFC Ajax, is based in the U.S. and is involved in promoting grassroots football and specializes in player development writing and coaching. He is the co-founder of Year Zero Soccer, a non-profit grassroots football organization that is partnered with TFT.

His work has been featured on the Guardian Sport Network, Inside Soccer, NSCAA Soccer Journal, White Lines Magazine, and Spartan Magazine.

Cookie of Team SISU caught up with him recently a they draw the parallels between running, football (soccer), training and what athletic ability and training means in modern times.


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Nick Waddell has a lengthy and impressive background in the military. For fun, he crawls through sand and mud, hikes long distances and carries heavy things for no apparent reason. Nick is an endurance athlete.

But what makes him tick and why would someone want to do these kinds of things when they don't need to?

Nick addresses these questions and many others when he caught up with Cookie from Team SISU recently.

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"I get knocked down, but I get up again", as the popular hit 1997 "Tubthumping" by Chumbawamba goes. It could by Corey's anthem, given how many times he kept getting knocked down.

Corey Peterson knows what it means to endure. Having had to rebuild his life again and again, fitness and in particular, endurance and weight lifting have been his tools.

Cookie from Team SISU caught up with the resident of Utah recently and discussed the journey Corey took and what it took to get to where he is now.

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Nav Akbar once called the bluff of an armed robber that threatened to rob his store. Telling the thief what physical discourtesies would happen, Nav made it very clear that he wasn't the sort of person who you tangle with.

Growing up in Scotland, UK, you learn how to survive, get tough or let life drag you down. His years of working as a mild-mannered grocery store clerk only fed him more and more fuel that would drive him to become of of the main faces of OCR in the UK today.

Cookie caught up with his good friend and they chatted about Nav's introduction to OCR and endurance and the differences between US and UK events.

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Vanessa found herself in a position to take some time out and do as she pleased, so grasping that opportunity, decide to go around the world and drink in what there is to see, but does it via her own route.

Taking in as many OCR, endurance and running events as she can, she can be found anywhere from on the Great Wall of China, to the mountains of southern California.

But why do something so extreme? Why not do something less punishing on the body? In this episode, Vanessa explains to Cookie from Team SISU why she does what she does.

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Iram's charm and grace goes before him, wherever he goes. A doting father, an incredible runner, he's like most endurance runners, albeit one of the most gentle, softly spoken  men you could ever wish to meet.

His smile belies the fact that he has battled brain cancer for some time, but finds a release in running. Running is his therapy.

Cookie from Team SISU caught up with the Texan recently and discussed what it means to teach his young daughter how to run like her dad and to constantly push against the demons that would try to drag him down.


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The beaming grin of Matt Waller is a trademark of the man that has visited more Death Races and other endurances events than most.

Despite the crushing pain that he and fellow athletes choose to inflict on themselves, it's not unusual to find yourself in a group of people in a river, dark woods or drenched forest at 2am and hear giggling coming from the back somewhere. That's Matt.

Laughter is his medicine and that's why he never gets ill. His upbeat, happy disposition is his default setting and that's perhaps why he has accomplished so much in his endurance journey.

The equally juvenile Cookie of Team SISU caught up with Matt recently and after (most of) the giggling and laughing subsided, they spoke about Matt's experience with endurance racing.

SISU:RADIO is a part of the Athlete On Fire network!

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Softly spoken and often going under the radar, Rob Barger avoids the limelight like a vampire avoiding the sun.

But it's the quiet ones you should look out for.

Rob brings with him a wealth of experience in the world of endurance, having been a part of everything from the Death Race, Goruck Selection and most things in between. Harnessing that knowledge, he now brings a depth and dimension to not just the SISU Iron, but also to Spartan Endurance events like the Agoge and the HH12HR.

Cookie caught up with his long lost brother and talked about all things endurance.

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