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Garfield Griffiths has been the mastermind behind events for a long, long time. Cutting his teeth in marketing and DJ-ing, he eventually found OCR where many people now know him.

Swapping the fog on the Tyne in the north of England to the somewhat warmer climate of Florida, he's always busy plotting either a race or a new obstacle, but who is the man behind the Geordie smile?

Cookie from Team SISU caught up with him recently and discussed OCR and endurance and how it stands in today's world.

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Mark Jones is up there as a living legend of endurance. More Death Races and other events than you could shake a peanut-butter covered stick at, he knows what it means to endure. A well-known figure in the endurance community, his roots in the military give him a solid foundation in his outdoor pursuits.

Generously taking the time to talk to Cookie from Team Sisu, he explains his mindset going into events where there is no actual finish line and you don't know your done until you're told. Whether the mileage is on foot, by board or kayak, Mark has huge experience in all forms of endurance events and repeatedly dominates.

What does it take to repeatedly push and push when most people have decided that it's enough? Mark is better suited to answer those questions than most people in the US today.

Enjoy SISU:RADIO, a part of the Athlete On Fire network!

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Margaret Schlachter is one of the very few people who actually ran the very first Spartan Race. Few people in America today have better knowledge of the roots of the company that spearheaded to rise of OCR today. Not only that, but having immersed herself in the endurance side of things too, she speaks not just from witnessing and working in the industry, but having done it first hand, too.

Cookie from Team SISU caught up with the owner of the Dirt In Your Skirt website and discussed the old school, the new age and everything in-between, including the infamous time she quite literally ran away from Joe Desena.

Enjoy this episode of SISU:RADIO, a part of the Athlete On Fire network.

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If you've done a Spartan Race or a Spartan workout in the last 4 years, chances are you have either seen or met Andi Hardy.

A veteran of the OCR and Endurance circuit, Andi has taken her own brand of fitness to not only the workout, but has also worked on Spartan Endurance's Hurricane Heat too. Now having tasted as much as the OCR world has to offer, lately Andi has been turning her attention more towards the endurance branch of the fitness world.

Having already done the Death Race, The Sisu Iron, The Agoge and more besides, she is looking to do more long haul events.

Cookie from Team Sisu caught up with her recently and discussed, amongst other things, why when they first met, she was covered in nothing but duct tape.

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A familiar face of many SISU and other OCR events, Chris Cow has quietly gone back about his business in getting into shape, using his background in martial arts as the catalyst to stay on the endurance road.

With more OCR races and endurance events under his belt than many, Chris' journey started with an epiphany that his health ought to be a lot stronger than it was. In this podcast, we learn about that realization, what he did about it and how he knows stays on the straight and narrow.

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Matt Trinca has been one of the main pillars of Team SISU since it's formation.  Having  a strong background in running, his base in endurance means that the events he helps design are based heavily in knowledge and a keen urge to help others in what he has learned himself.

Speaking with Cookie on the 30th episode of SISU Radio, Matt covers his high school days, training, how an injury that could have ended his career was dealt with and much more besides.

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Having completed more Spartan Race Ultra Beasts than literally anyone on the planet, Scott Weir knows a thing or two about endurance racing.

With experience also in other long-form events, Scott has found a place to burn off his excess energy, but remains very modest and understated about the whole thing. Intrigued, Cookie from Team SISU caught up with the Canadian and his rambunctious feline friend and discussed what it means to run across mountains for hours or even days at a time, and more to the point, why it never phases him.

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Doctors told Fernando in no uncertain terms what would happen if he didn't get healthy. The brutal wake up call snapped the Mexican into shape and now he's the full-bearded OCR and endurance machine you may have seen in Reebok commercials.

Cookie from Team SISU caught up with the popular fitness instructor and discussed his life and adventures on obstacle racing and endurance events, to discuss what makes him tick.

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Having served for 10 years in the US military, Todd's background prepared him for his time doing events like the Spartan Hurricane Heat, the Death Race and World's Toughest Mudder.

What makes Todd that little bit different is that he's not a believer in training. To him, the mental side of events where the body is pushed holds more weight. In this podcast, Cookie from Team SISU talks to the veteran about events he's completed, some he didn't and his time at Spartan Race when it was only a fledgling company.

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Quietly destroying events without fanfare or a flurry of unnecessary hashtags, Maria Hernandez's meteoric rise from couch to SISU Ironwoman in only three years is story befitting of the SISU motto.

Dipping her toe in the OCR world as late as only three years ago, she leaves behind her a trail of conquered events, but always thirsty for more. Starting out with a Spartan Sprint, she has set her sights higher and higher and now brushes off endurance events like they barely even register.

Cookie of Team SISU caught up with Maria recently and spoke to her about her time in OCR and Endurance to find out what it is that makes her tick, why she does it and what advice she can give to those that are looking at immersing themselves in the world of obstacle racing and endurance events.  SISU:RADIO is a part of the Athlete On Fire network!

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