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Quietly carving his name into the arm of endurance sports, Wesley Kerr has a string of impressive records to his name. Having already set the fastest lap at World's Toughest Mudder, he has, amongst other things, now added the title of Sisu Ironman to his already long list of impressive feats.

His relentless pursuit of faster times, more inclines and seemingly impervious-to-failure performances begs the question, "how does he do it?"

In between his studying, Wesley kindly took the time to speak to Cookie of Team SISU about how base in fitness and where the famous red tights came from.

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Being part of the Goruck furniture in Southern California, Ted Ibarra is in his element surrounded by weight, flutter kicks and most importantly, his friends.

To him, the event is largely unimportant. Camaraderie and having a get-together are his priorities. But, it begs the question, "why not just have a dinner or something that doesn't involve pain?". Isn't there a more sedate way of surrounding yourself with good company and making good memories?

Cookie from Team SISU caught up with Ted and tries to fathom why the Orange County resident likes being in pain so much.

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Neely Fortune has done a great job of leading a double life in recent times. When not taking part in endurance events and OCR races, she's winning beauty pageants and becoming Miss Vermont.

Quite literally a beauty with a beast within, Neely took time out of her busy schedule to catch up with Cookie and Team SISU to share some thoughts on what she does, and why she does them.

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Ashley Seeger is well known in OCR and endurance circles as being one of the toughest and grittiest competitors in the community today. Harnessing that determination is what is making her return to fitness prove to be a little easier - or at least a little less difficult - than most.

Last seen supporting the racers at the TPK Endurance event despite nursing her braced leg, she took a moment to talk to Team SISU about how she's getting along. What drives her? What motivates her? Why does a little thing like a major leg injury not phase her?

In this podcast, she explains it all.  SISU:RADIO is a part of the Athlete On Fire Network!

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James Appleton knows what it means to be an endurance winner.

Making Tough Guy UK - one of the single hardest events in the world - his own has proven that. Placing top 10 at the World Championship Spartan race after coming "from nowhere" made people sit up and pay attention to the fact that the UK has athletes that should be taken very seriously. When he's not competing in endurance and OCR races, his photography job sees him explore unforgiving, but beautiful mountain ranges across the world.

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Hailing from Roswell, Georgia comes SISU Pro Team member Alec Blenis.

A veteran of not just Spartan Races, but a long, impressive line of ultra marathons and endurance events, Alec knows exactly what it means to push his body to extreme lengths.

Cookie from Team SISU talks to the athlete about his training, his races and his diet and how they all mesh to make him what he is.

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Amanda's shining smile is a beacon for anyone at an event that feels like they may want to quit. Refusing to lay down after two horrific incidents in her life, she has learned to overcome by adapting and focusing her strengths into pushing on and grinding out results.

Cookie of Team SISU caught up with Amanda and through a longer than normal podcast, Amanda relives what happened to her and why she refuses to ever call it a day.  Enjoy SISU:RADIO as a part of the Athlete On Fire network.

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What can be said about Amelia that hasn't already? Champion of World's Toughest Mudder, destroyer of Spartan Races and all-round amazing athlete, it appears that she has no achilles heel.

What has she learned from endurance and OCR and what advice does she give others? Team SISU chats with the powerhouse and finds out.

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When it comes to endurance, few people can boast a resume quite like Helene.

First female finisher of Fuego Y Agua, Spartan Race Ultra Beast podium finisher, plus various endurance runs across American states including an arduous 8 days run across volcanic Hawaiian mountains, she's been there, seen it and despite having done it all, she's still thirsty for more.

Taking time out of her busy schedule to talk to Cookie of Team SISU, one of the most criminally underrated athletes of today explains what makes her tick and how to go about destroying an event that takes days to accomplish.

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