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There was a lot going on in the world of endurance.  From the "World's Toughest Boat Race" to one of the most prestigious ultra run's in the world, there was plenty to follow if you weren't out on your own adventure.  Also, three types of intervals for your training.  The Cooldown is produced by the Athlete On Fire show!

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There are more things to cover in a weekend in the world of OCR and endurance than could be covered in a 5 hour show, so we just pick a couple that sand out this week.  A participants experience in the Spartan Agoge and a race directors recap of a high Rocky Mountain marathon.  Also, a couple ideas on using weight as a tool to train for more efficient running in the mountains of the events you love.  Thanks for tuning in to The Cooldown, produced by Athlete On Fire.

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What is the opposite of play?  It may not be obvious to you but if you are into OCR and endurance and recreation in general we think you'll "get it".  The world sees tragedy again but it isn't only a tragic place.  We actually seek physical suffering in the 21st century so maybe things are a bit better than they seem, overall.  A weird ailment hits the host and are you training for a hilly or mountainous course this summer?  We start a five part series on creatively training for that terrain.  The Cooldown is a part of the Athlete On Fire network.

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Summer is coming and we all need a refresher on running and training in the heat.  While we are at it, what are people saying about running high, as in, stoned.  We talk about an article on the topic on the show as well.  The Cooldown is the place for weekly OCR and endurance commentary from Athlete On Fire and mud Run Guide.


The Cooldown is an Athlete On Fire production.

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The Cooldown is all about endurance and OCR from the people involved on both sides.  This week we hear from our host about an event in Colorado that bonded some friendly foes on the trail.  The case for unplugging from technology and a congrats to a race director in Arizona for bringing back a unique event.  Also, we give you a session to improve your downhill running.  Inspired by lots of blood on a trail run this weekend. Enjoy The Cooldown, produced by Athlete On Fire.

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On this episode of the Cooldown we bring on both a race director of one of the quirkiest running events out there and a woman who is relearning how to walk and run all over again, at a Spartan no less.  Thoughts on the Battlefrog head to head between Hobie Call and Ryan Atkins and why doing "ordinary" really well is pretty darn inspiring.  Enjoy the Cooldown, produced by Athlete On Fire.

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The Cooldown is bringing in depth interviews from the people of endurance events all over the world.  From the competitors to the race directors and the ones who write about it all on Monday morning, we want to Cooldown and see what's been going on.  This episode features Ryan Atkins and Lindsay Webster who won the Spartan in Montana over the weekend.  Margaret Schlachter has been as busy as anyone in OCR but she gets to take a few minutes and share what her Rugged Maniac Richmond experience was like.  John Lacroix, race director of the 3rd Annual Niwots Challenge, "The Barkley of the West," shares how the event went this past weekend.  All this and more from the weekly show that is produced by Athlete On Fire!

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The Cooldown is a weekly show produced by the team over at Athlete On Fire. Get ready to hear from the athletes that competed last weekend as well as the most interesting news we could find and a little training advice mixed in.  Enjoy this first episode of many to come and don't forget to give Mud Run Guide some love for sharing this with you!

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