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Tarran is setting off to cross the country of Sweden on a stand-up paddleboard.  For this adventure, he recruited 4 friends and has somme pretty strict stop times if he intends on keeping those friends.  15 days and 635 km including the canals of Sweden and a last few days on the Baltic Sea.  We talk about the idea, the planning, and the expectations on this episode!

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Tarek is a Ghanaian Triathlete amongst other things. Tarek moved to England at a young age and began University at Imperial College of London at the age of 16 before completing a PhD in Super Conductivity at the University of Cambridge. Following University he worked for Deloitte and then in the financial markets with GLG the Hedge Fund, during which he developed a love for Triathlons and Ironman. More recently he’s been integral to setting up the Ghana Triathlon Federation.

Tarek and I chat about his childhood in Ghana, moving to England and University life. His life after running his first marathon and then Triathlons and Ironman’s. His passion for the sport and transition to helping set up the Ghanaian Triathlon Federation. I found it fascinating chatting with Tarek and getting into some of his training routines, enjoy the episode!

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Andrew takes me through his upbringing in South Africa, growing up during apartheid, his school years and desire to pursue dancing. His formative years in London working and turning professional. We discuss the physical and mental aspect of performing and the finite margins that make success. The hardships that he’s dealt with in his journey including his mum passing away due to cancer and his marriage breakup and how he dealt with each of them. Andrew’s experience of “celebrity” after his appearances on BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing and how the dance world reacted to this. Meeting his hero Patrick Swayze. Towards the end we chat and go off on tangents about life and our thoughts on love and spirituality. Andrew’s an awesome human and a pleasure to spend a few hours of my life with.


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We record this episode on a sunny day at the London Zoo. We delve into Laura’s story and how she developed an adventurous mindset and approaches life, all the twists and turns en route including becoming a journalist and interviewing Steve Coogan, re training to become a professional sailor, time spent in the Arctic, Coral Bleaching on the Barrier Reef, Climate Change, the amazing story of Alienor Le Gouvello and her solo horse ride across Australia.

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In this episode Chris and I get into his experience in the British Navy at the age of 17. Dealing with negative influences, the workings of social media, his experience exiting the military and transitioning into the world as a civilian and building his tech company.  We discuss mindset and ideas surrounding entrepreneurship and how to make money doing what he loves. Talk about his recovery from being hit by a car and breaking his back, the mental strength it takes to overcome the years of recovery. We then go deep into the impending European Brexit election, should the UK stay or go. Chris is a very open and forthright guy who I had a lot of fun chatting with, I hope you enjoy our chat as much as I did.


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Mark founded and has been running Ministry of Football for over a decade now. He’s seen it grow from an initial session of 2 kids to over 155 kids in attendance. He’s a cool cat with an appetite for creating the best learning outcomes. You can get a sense of his desire to cultivate “Learning and Enjoyment” in each footballing session. We delve into learning styles, competition when and why? Different approaches to learning, the amount of time kids are actually at play.We hope you enjoy this interview with Mark Carter.

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Luke Hindes is a Physical Education teacher, a Football (soccer) coach, has competed in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, is a Marathon runner, has cycled to Europe “Paris”, is a world record breaker for the longest game of 5-aside football, and has recently competed in a long distance swim, a 5Mile Swim.

Luke is a long time friend of mine I met when I was 18 years old in London.

This is a very casual conversation where we chat about our time road tripping through the East Coast of the US. Luke’s time in India, Slums and Favela’s, Luke’s views on teaching and education, Free Schools and our younger selves.

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Luke is an Australian Endurance Adventurer. He’s played professional football (soccer), competed in the Marathon Des Sables, Double Brutal extreme triathlon, Mt Everest Ultimate Marathon, Mt Aspiring, Hainan running for survival and climbed volcanoes on Guatemala.

Luke has a Bachelors degree in Exercise Science and is a qualified Personal Trainer.

In this episode Luke and I delve into his professional football (soccer) career in America, Belgium and England.  Luke is very candid and open about his ongoing battle with depression.

We also touch on self-confidence, motivation, tearing his calf muscle, not just running but competing in the Marathon Des Sables, his Ultimate Triathlon, which is freaking epic by the way.

Pre, during and post adventure mindset, meditation, pre and post biotics, diet and clean eating.

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Gabriel and Tarran met in London over a decade ago and have been friends since. He’s an excitable guy with an appetite for success.

In todays episode we have a lot of fun talking about his coaching career, property portfolio, picking a team, growing, fear, what success means, laziness, excuses, finding solutions, resilience and regrets and what it means to have a mentor, and that leap of faith you’ve got to be prepared to take.


Enjoy this first episode of The Human Perspective Podcast as the newest contributor to the Athlete On Fire Network!



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