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Traveling across the country is much more physically demanding than you think.  It's why we give our body a few days to recover before running far. Also on the show, some of the positive mental tricks to get through this first 100k!


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In 6 days, the founder of BU will be running his first 100k. There will be no start line, bibs, or fanfare. Just a few friends, family, and a couple running buddies trying to remember his dad on his first birthday since his passing. On the show today, the route and the meaning behind it. Where is the toughest section? What is the strategy for the first 12 miles? Enjoy the show!

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This is part 1 of 7 in a series featured on Becoming Ultra.

Hey it's the host, coach, and runner, Scott.  My dad died last year.  He was 62.  I am running a 100k on his birthday in his home state of West Virginia to remember in a week.  I'd love to share the journey with you until Season 5 starts, the day after his birthday.

On this show, my training for the last 6 months.

Thanks for listening!

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Bone chilling, amazing and awe-inspiring would be a few ways to describe our next guests body of work.  A California based photographer go to the ends of the earth to capture amazing athletes, mostly surfers, engaging the wild around them. The juxtaposing of athlete and artic swell will leave you speechless.  In this episode we learn how he got to where he is today.  A self taught photographer who has built his own career out of talent and passion will share some great stories of his journey.  And he is an athlete too. You can't imagine the conditions he has to overcome to get these shots and we dive into the mental toughness it takes to withstand bitter cold and crazy weather.  We hope this show takes you to places you never imagined, before you knew they were possible.  Enjoy our newest Athlete On Fire show!

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Since Ryan just broke a record at World's Toughest in Chicago, we wanted to share this show again to see what makes him so great!  Ryan Atkins is a world class athlete who is dominating the obstacle racing scene.  He has been travelling alot and on this episode he shares what has been going on and spends most of the show giving you an inside look at what it takes to compete and win the World's Toughest Mudder. He spares no details and we are pumped to share this amazing content with you on the Athlete On Fire Network!

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This episode was a gift from my dad, the original Athlete On Fire.

3:00 Early days in West Virginia

9:00 Tony McKenna Story

13:00 Inspirational quotes

"If you are not where you want to be, you are nowhere."

"Failure is not an option."

14:30   Why he started coaching.

15:45 Mentors/Coaches that mattered to him

18:15  Failure

20:50 What in his life gave him an advantage.

"I had three months to live."

"The chemo was the hardest thing I've ever gone through."

"The tumors had shrunk, the spots were gone."

"My temp shot up to 107 and they thought I was dead."

25:20  The conversation with his dad he'll never forget. 

"Do you think I'll make it?"



"Because you hate to lose."

27:30  Weird habits

28:20  Inspiring books and movies

29:30 Why do ya want to wake up tomorrow morning?

29:50 Is Legacy important to you?

30:20 For every kid he has ever coached

"Coach you don't know what you did for all of us."

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And after his fourth win of the Leadville 100, we thought taking a look back to his thoughts on last years win would be inspiring.  He said this year was the hardest to date with vomiting, diarrhea, and just a crazy day on the trails.


Ian Sharman took off from coaching this season of Becoming Ultra because of a whirlwind summer but we had a chance to catch up with him after he won his 3rd Leadville 100. He gives tons of advice that is applicable for every level of runner.  He shares what he made racing the last two years, you may be surprised. And, we tease a bit regarding season 4 of Becoming Ultra.  Enjoy the show!

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A crazy and horrific accident at the age of 8 and the lightbulb moment 22 years later began a movement in an individual that will speak to everyone who knew there was an athlete deep down but didn't know how to find it.  


Max Conserva is an athlete, speaker, and coach who has transformed the way he thinks so he could transform the way he lives. A truly inspiring athlete.

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Do you just give up the active lifestyle when you get injured?  We hope not. Lauren Jones of Life's 2 Short Fitness comes on the show to talk about an injury she suffered this summer and some ways to think about her own lifestyle because of the restriction. Also, we send good luck to one of the first athletes to ever come on the show as she takes on an adventure of a lifetime. 


Thanks for listening.

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We have the chance to speak with an organizer of the first ever Kokoda Trail race. A three day stage event that covers the Kokoda Track, a World War 2 historical trail that the Australians used to hold off the Japanese.  The history and the athletes that took on the challenge made this a pretty unique event!

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