Athlete On Fire

Doing things that thrill and spike your adrenaline has got to be healthy, right?

Trail running event with young children makes you even more mentally tough.

Why the Snowmass event will probably be skipped next time.

A great charity called First Descents!

Marking new courses in the wild high mountains.

Enjoy the show!

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My dad has been gone for 8 months.  How about a deep Letterman style countdown on 8 things we can't control but can learn from?  DONE.

Perspective for athletes and of course, humans.

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A weekend of trails in Aspen Colorado with RAGNAR trails.

A special guest, maybe even spouse of the host joins to talk gravity, beginner trail runners, and the likelihood of getting attacked at night on the trail.

Thal Woods takes us through a set with his speed training in Denver.

Enjoy the show!

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Alex Honnold free-solos a world famous 3000 foot high wall.

That first step isn't usually the epic one, but it's the most important.

Seeing old teammates continue to succeed at the highest level.

A new podcast for health and fitness pros.

The coyote man.

Enjoy the show!

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Old school verse new school race directing for trail races.

Communication on the trail.

The epic battle between mother bison and coyote.  Winner take all.

Shout out to Dirty 30 RD!

The ROI on volunteering.

Thanks for listening!


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The weekend is here.  

How can you waterproof yourself for your next run?

Does speaking help your business?

Hitting the trails in Colorado!

An Aussie who makes money for athletes.

An easy pool set.

I am. You are. Everyone is an athlete.

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New format trial!  


The host gets contracted to help develop a whole school of athletes.  

Why the feedback from endurance sports is sometimes a tough sell for newbies.  

The lawyer on the plane that ran marathons before you were born.

The first live event on the trails of Colorado.

Everest feats, again.

20 miler and bouncing balls.  

Everyone is an athlete!


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Jason Fitzgerald from is on the show.  Are the best athletes in the world on the Ketogenic diet?  We talk about the trend and how to takes some of the lessons and apply in a reasonable manner.  Also, running verse racing.  How are you training?  Are you racing or running and does it even matter?  Considerations.

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A spring race in Colorado with a couple visits from the biggest of our predators.  Running and marking a course in 18 inches of snow.  The lack of complainers for this certain day.  A 600 rep workout you can sink into to get the week started right.  An Everest record for speed is broken.  We watch Becoming Ultra grow up right in front of our eyes!

We are all Athletes.

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Matt Frazier founded No Meat Athlete as a blog to follow his own journey and since has grown it into a loyal and respected brand! He previews his newest project, a cookbook with all plant based menu items.  We talk about the potential controversy with plant based products that are meant to feel and taste like real meat and in some instances even bleed.  We talk a bit about the Keto diet fad, branding his business, and even dive into a couple recipes you can whip up anytime!


Enjoy the show!

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