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Our guest is an athlete and entrepreneur.  She started running to trim down after some travel and never looked back. As an accomplished ultra runner she shares stories of "happy accidents" and failures, successes and strength from other runners.  Her story about how her mom inspired her will resonate with anyone who values their closest relationships and she gives a killer stair workout during the show.  While you are listening don't forget that she is running two amazing startups in the active living, health and fitness industry.  What a great one for all of you aspiring runners and entrepreneurs alike.  Enjoy episode 42!

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Our guest today is a runner and a coach.  But get this, she didn't start running until after her third child was born at 35 years old.  Since then she has gone on to win multiple major events as well as multiple Olympic Trial appearances starting at the age of 40!  She found her passion and since has been inspiring and coaching others to do similar things.  She shares why being 100% invested in your heart is important for any goal and how to get there. 

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Scott talks about the week that was for Athlete On Fire. Inspiring guests coming up and what he did to start the weekend off.  He shares a dynamic warm up that you should try before your next run. He trials his new Tascam DR-05 for remote and live shows.  If you are interested in what it's like to start a podcast from scratch in the health, fitness, and adventure category you might like these short format Weekend Warrior Shows!  

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Our guest today is a former Division I cycling athlete who has since competed in and won ultra endurance events.  He shares stories about his journey into endurance sports and how he founded his website to help people navigate their own nutritional journey. He talks about running 10 marathons in 10 days just to train for his ultra and he gives actionable advice to stay healthy and feeling good that you can implement today.  Bill's high energy and passion for all things health, fitness, performance, and nutrition make for another great episode of Athlete On Fire!

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Our guest is a runner.  He has mastered so many distances and styles of race that we could never cover it all in just one show but he does take us on the journey.  From a childhood spent in the woods to the aventurous life in the Pacific NW we cover everything from the transition to Ultra distances to the Cascade Trifecta, an amazing attempt at an amazing feat.  Stay with us as he gives a great running challenge for you to try out and if you have kids you are going to love what he is trying out for a better running experience with them.  Another humble, interesting, and accomplished athlete on this episode will inspire you to go out to do amazing things yourself!

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Our guest wanted a change from his life in his early thirties so he join a running club, ran his first marathon, and was hooked with the "running bug".  Fast forward to being named the Ultra Runner of year in Australia in 2013.  We find out what a day in the life for him is like, and it is filled to the brim.  As a sponsored athlete, special education teacher, and coach he shares stories from all three that are interesting and inspiring.  We hope you all draw from the strength and integrity of this amazing Athlete On Fire!

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Scott talks about the week that was for Athlete On Fire. Inspiring guests and detailed news about his dad and uncle's journey with the kidney transplant.  He shares a 30 minute training session that anyone can do. Talks about upcoming guests and what they bring to the show.  If you are interested in what it's like to start a podcast from scratch in the health, fitness, and adventure category you might like these short format Weekend Warrior Shows!  

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Our guest is wildly entertaining.  Almost as wild as the events she competes in all over the world as the first female obstacle course racer.  She tells stories of failure and why you shouldn't take yourself so seriously. She shares a story of a man who was once 700 pounds and how it inspired her.  Her story about a crazy event in Nicaragua has everything from carrying live chickens to climbing bamboos poles and almost losing it.  She is also a writer on obstacle racing and has her very own book with her expertise in the sport to showcase for all.  This is one of those shows you hope will never end which means we will just have to do it all again!

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Our guest is an adventurer first and foremost.  His attraction to wild and beautiful places has led him to where he is today as an inspiring ultra runner, coach, and photographer. His website alone will leave you awestruck and ready to hit the road, trail, rail, or air!  He shares what works for him on the trail and some amazing insights from his crazy adventures including a crazy incidence at the Hardrock 100.  His early days were spent in Europe with teacher parents and he shares some of those experiences.

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What makes our guest on this episode is not her own athletic success but how inspired she is by the athletes that she coaches and leads to do amazing things.  Please don't be fooled though as she is an amazing athlete herself.  She shares how she got started in athletics in southern Colorado, how not being able to swim was the deterrant to competing in triathlon, and how she got off to a career in coaching elite endurance athletes.  You are going to love her passion and emotion in this show and it's not all just fluff, we dig into some training principles that may help you in your athletic journey. 

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