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Our guest started to learn from experts, now he is one.  Sleep quality, health, happiness, and weight loss are all recurring themes and we cover all of them in detail in this inspiring episode!  Blue blockers and fat intake are just the beginning.

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Scott talks about the call to action that got more women involved in the show.  It's boys weekend in Colorado but it's not what you think.  He tried a new video app this week and would love some feedback. The Boston Marathon is getting close so find out what AOF is doing regarding this fact.  With tons of little nuggets don't forget to try to 3 exercise hip mobility set he shares.  Weekend Warrior, part dos.

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Our guest started from humbling roots in unicycling.  You heard that right! From a champion unicycler to world class endurance athlete, he take us on a pretty sweet journey that includes some ridiculous feats.  He also shares some of the ways he prepared for the World's Toughest Mudder and why it's so important to be strong for endurance! 


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Our guest bagged every one of New Hampshires 48 4,000 foot peaks multiple times and even in the winter.  He is an avid ultra runner and as passionate about his athletic pursuits as any guest we've had on the show.  He shares some great inspiring stories and even one about a blind man doing amazing things in the mountains.  You are going on an adventure today!  

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She ran a marathon just under 5 hours and qualified for Boston just a year later.  This elite runner talks about her inspiring family, how to visualize for your competitions and all about the perils of running in Arizona.

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Scott takes on why a c-section is the root of his inspiration right now, how an 82 year old guest has inspired him, why we need more women, and where Athlete On Fire is going in the near future.  Weekend Warriors is for those of you looking for a good piece of audio for your warm up or to start the day with your coffee. Enjoy this first solo episode to see what makes Athlete On Fire tick.

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He comes from West Philly with a passion for his sport without forgetting what is really important. Our guest shares his story of coming up short in the London Olympics and how it keeps him fired up and inspired to keep working his butt off. He shares his family's story of addiction and overcoming.  He is a young guy with great insights and if you are a thinking athlete, you'll appreciate this show!

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He started as a All American in one sport and ended up as an Olympian in another.  Listen to the awesome story of a passionate athlete that<!--more--> breaks down some of the mental barriers we all have in competition and life.  If you can't pull something of value out of this one you weren't listening!

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Our guest runs in places most can only dream of, at speeds we can't comprehend.  Join us as he takes us on his journey.  He shares what inspired him and  why having a backup plan in competition is so important. Learn about the series he directs and how you can get out there and participate in these inspiring events and listen to all of the amazing takeaways he gives you, the Athlete On Fire, listening on your run, workout, or drive!

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Our guest tells stories so well he'll have you from the first 10 seconds of the show.  He is one fo the most well known endurance athletes on the planet and he shares things with Athlete on Fire you probably haven't heard anywhere else.  Grab that smart phone, plug in those ear phones and get out there while you listening to the inspiring guest today!

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