Athlete On Fire

Matt is an author and expert on running, nutrition, and endurance sports.  His great stories of how he got started into running and writing are inspiring for athletes of every background! Including you.

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In this episode our guest shares her story about her transition from the corporate world to the life that she "feels like the luckiest person in the world" living.  She is a runner, coach, speaker, and <!--more--> she dives into all of on this episode.

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In this episode our guest takes us from his early days growing up in a small town in Nebraska and how that town inspires and supports him. He goes on to talk about his football days at Nebraska, playing bass guitar, his crazy unique degree and oh yeah, his gold medal in the Vancouver Olympics. You are going to enjoy the journey as much I did interviewing him.

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Curt Tomasevicz, Olympic Gold Medalist lays down the law of the legs! Have fun with this challenging workout.

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In this episode our guest takes us from his early days playing football in Texas all the way up to the Green Bay Packers, Buffalo Bills and the CFL.  He goes on to share probably the quickest introduction to any sport when he started his bobsled career and he gives us some great insight on how the NFL has prepared him for where he is today! 

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Johnny Quinn, former NFL player and current Team USA Bobsled member gives us a power clean challenge.  Do not attempt with proper instruction.

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Chris Mazdzer gives us a sports specific luge challenge. Don't forget to go to for modified versions.

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In this episode our guest takes us on his journey to one of the fastest sports in the world, luge. He tells us how he chose luge over bobsled and just how unique a sport luge is to train for.  Added to the mix is his insatiable appetite for speed and adventure and you are going to learn a bunch from this inspiring young athlete! 

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Holy quads.  Pat Meek has us feeling like a true speed skater with this quad burning workout.  Have fun.

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American Olympic Speed Skater shares the in and outs of what it is really like to train for and compete at the highest level. He tells great stories about the lineage of the sport in his family and some great resources for training and the mental aspect of it all.

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