Athlete On Fire

In this episode our guest takes us on his journey as someone who has truly lived and has the stories to show for it.  From early rough and tumble days on the farm to jumping out of planes in the military, drug addiction to conquering some of the world’s toughest events in one year. Joe Decker lays it all out in this inspiring session of Athlete on Fire.

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Jason is a passionate trail runner and his challenge today will get you out and moving!

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In this episode our guest takes us from his “suburban hell” to his life as an author and ultra runner amongst many other things.

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Here is a great challenge for your next run, walk, bike, or hike from ultra endurance runner Richard Bowles.

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Crocodiles, volcanoes, girlfriends, oh my! And lots of running.

In this episode our guest takes us on his journey as an ultra endurance runner.  His energy is contagious and you’ll be surprised to find out how he really feels about running! You gotta check out this video if you are on the fence about Richard!

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In this episode learn how persistence has paid off and how failing is just part of his life.  Tommy Watkins and I have a pretty laid back talk about his career, what made him cry, and who is inspiring him right now!  Oh and did I mention he signed his own booty about 500 times.  Enjoy!

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Trish challenges you with an exercise that hardly anyone does, and why she has amazing arms!

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In this episode learn how one fateful training ride changed the life of our guest forever.  One day, a healthy competitive cyclist and the next a paraplegic, Trish Downing shares her amazing story and how she has gone on to do some truly amazing things!

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Master Lee doles out a simulated 3 round 2 minute workout, just like his Olympic days!

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Master Lee shares his inspiring story of coming to the states and picking up the sport he won a Bronze in the 1988 Olympics.  He is funny and passionate and has some great advice for parents, athletes, and everyone in between!

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