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Our guest today thought he new what he wanted.  Turns out he was just trying to get what everyone else wanted.  He saved for a house for three years and when he was ready to buy, decided he wanted more.  He contacted the local hospital and started on the journey he is now on, a "fundraiser adventurer." LIsten to his story about the journey on a second hand bike from Bangkok to Gloucester.  He got caught in a war zone on the way which was an amazing story.  Listen as he shares how he broke an amazing Guiness World Record on his return. Lastly, he shares how he manages to run across Canada, the equivalent of 200 marathons.  He is a great story teller and the adventure he went on takes us on an adventure all our own.  Enjoy this episode of Athlete On Fire!

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Our guest is a world class ultra endurance athlete and he doesn't even take the time to reach his potential because the work/life balance is so important to him.  Coming from a single parent family his mom instilled a work ethic and love of family that has formed who he is today. He is a Team USA member with a gold medal from last years endurance World's in the Netherlands. Oh, he day job is as a pyschologist and we are happy to poach some great mental tools and habits for performance.  Learn who is inspiring him and why his daughter has some great genes to draw from.  Another great episode of Athlete On Fire in the books!

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This episode is another peek into a weekend in Colorado where the Athlete On Fire show is based.  Scott takes you into another brewery to talk active living and the beer that people love along with it here in Colorado.  A new show launch is in the works and he shares how one of his recent shows was sabotaged by an equipment malfunction. He also shares which show really inspired him this week.  If you like the idea of listening to what goes on behind the scenes of any small business, or podcast, you are going to enjoy the Weekend Warrior episode this week.

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