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Seriously, how many elite triathletes have a beer sponsor for their post race nutrition?  Our athlete on this episode does and she shares her story of how she came to be a champion at the highest level of triathlon.  Learn about her training philosophy and how she mentally prepares before and during big events.  Learn why her husband is her inspiration and what she is looking forward to in her career. It's always a journey in the mind of an elite athlete and this is no exception. Enjoy this Athlete On Fire!

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The Appalachian Trail.  The Pacific Coast Trail. The Tahoe Rim through hike.  These are challenges worthy of any athlete, any hiker.  Today's Athlete On Fire just happens to be blind.  Yes, blind.  He has hiked many of our classic routes without the ability to see.  He wasn't born blind either.  He lived with his sight until a fateful and life changing blindness happened when he was 36 years old.  His amazing endurance and story is sure to inspire you to get out there and do some amazing things yourself.  As a matter of fact, his challenge is so unique you will have to try it just to relate to what he goes through as a blind hiker.  Learn how he locates himself in dangerous situations and why being in touch with all of your other senses is more rewarding at the top of peaks where views are usually the focus.  Come share in the awe and the amazing story of today's Athlete On Fire.

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Our guest today thrives on being surrounded by natural beauty.  He has made his career dependant on it as a photographer who has captured the heart of adventure.  He shares why he has to train or work out for two hours a day.  Who are three photographers he looks up to?  He shares that as well. He shares his journey from a typical young man playing typical sports to life as an adventurer. Listen to his Fitness On Fire recommendation and what he is training for these. We love adventurous guests and you are going to love popping those ear plugs in today and going on a journey.  Thanks for joining us in this newest installment of Athlete On Fire.

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Join Scott as he catches you up on the happenings with his event company and behind the scenes of Athlete On Fire.  What did Vampires have to do with his weekend?  How is he involved in a great charity bringing sound to the less fortunate?  Hear about his first sponsor of Athlete On Fire and why it is important to get to know the people behind the company you partner with.  He also shares where you can win some copies of some interesting new running books.  Enjoy this episode of Weekend Warriors with Athlete On Fire.

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You have to be pretty darn tough to earn the nickname "The Queen Of Pain."  If today's guest is anything, it is tough. We try to take you on a journey with her through her life and career as an inspiring athlete who has been a world class adventure racer, paddler, and more recently, mountain biker. Learn how she is able to mentally and physically perform at the highest level.  Find out why she had to write her book, where she grew up, about her family and more.  Our friends at SOLE were gracious enough to introduce us to our guest and she delivered with a show that you will learn from and take to do some amazing things yourself.  Enjoy this installment of the Athlete On Fire show.

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Running expert and author comes on again to let us all know why we should run slower, more often.  Join us for an intro to his newest book to help runners all over the world,  80/20 Running.  Oh and you can win a copy by visiting the Athlete On Fire website. Enjoy this episode of the Cool Down.


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Someone highjacks the show today and has some great takes on how to get your confidence back if it has taken a leave of absence.  You'll hear three specifics ways to get that confidence on today's show.  A heart surgery leads to new goals for the Athlete On Fire mission. Sit back and listen to the Weekend Warrior show and the making of a new online brand in this episode!

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Is running a skill? Our guest says it is and he has over 35 years of research to prove it.  We go back in time to when and where the Pose Method originated.  You'll hear how our guest spent Saturdays on top of a train headed for the beach.  He shares inspiring stories of how he got his start as an athlete as a high jumper.  He still holds records to this day.  We talk about his inspiration for his newest book, The Running Revolution, and he even tries to teach us how to say some running related phrases in Russian.  Hang out with us, get inspired, and learn more about something we all can do, run better.  Listen through the end to find out how to win a free book or apparel!  Enjoy this inspiring Athlete On Fire!

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I had never played that one before so why not give it a shot?  I did, and got a new scar to show for it.  Of course, I could tell you the new sport I tried out this weekend but then you would have no reason to listen to the show!  I talk about the newest Athlete On Fire sponsored podcast for Active Entrepreneurs and what our goal is for it.  I share stories from a good friend that is moving on from Colorado. From helping me race direct around the country to foam deals that seemed more like drug deals.  Camping with our boys and road trips to Idaho, I give him a proper podcast send off!  Hope you enjoy the behind the scenes look at Athlete On Fire in this episode of the Weekend Warrior Show!

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Artist. Teacher. Speaker.  These define our guest who takes us on his journey to where he is now as an unlikely business owner in Seattle.  We find out why keeping some traditions and letting others go is important as he says it best, "how do we take the beauty of the past for our present."  An academic in all things martial arts he shares a condensed history of the origins of the sport he loves. How he went from 5 to 60 students and why he is vested in each student.  We learn some great mental tips for competing and overall training philosophy.  Plug those earphones in for another inspiring Athlete On Fire.

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