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"At the end of the day, you have to be a fighter." If any quote summed up an athlete more than this we haven't seen it.  Inspired as a young athlete on a ranch in Texas by none other than the Karate Kid movie, today's Athlete On Fire has gone on to do some amazing things in the sport of MMA.  Cast on the first season of the Ultimate Fighter show and having early succes in UFC launched our guest to athletic heights but there was adversity. A health scare led to a comeback.  His comeback led to starting a MMA gym in the homeland of Muay Thai, Thailand.  He shares his vision for his gym and what has inspired him along the way.  Why he does what he does and how anyone is welcome to come train with him in Thailand.  Enjoy this episode of Athlete On Fire.

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After a long summer of traveling the world and doing what he does best, run really far, Brendan is back home in the Blue Mountains of Australia and he is putting his stamp on the running community as usual.  After an impressive showing at the Western States Endurance Run and racing at UTMB he is already excited to go back and see if he can improve. He shares what it is like to race at a high level for everyone who will never have a chance to do so.  He dives in to a couple things he did wrong and how he is going to improve.   

Re-energized after getting home he relaunched his coaching business and is excited to help other runners reach their goals, no matter what level.  He has also partnered up and started Trail Kids, a great movement to get kids in Australia, well, moving.  Listen to a humble elite athlete as he reflects on the summer that was all about running and see if he gives you any ideas on starting your own movement!

The CoolDown is all about sitting down after a long run, a tough game, a great workout and talking about everything that is being an athlete.

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The Weekend Warrior Show is all about sharing the behind the scenes of Athlete On Fire and alot happens on weekends around here.  From producing 20+events this yeah to raising a young family with two self employed parents life is exciting and we are here to share it with you.  This episode takes us to Boulder Colorado for a Rocky Mountain Brew Run and a quick interview with chef and head brewer Ian Clark of BRU Boulder.  We also have some thank you from the iTunes reviews, thanks so much.  Lastly, we are finally launching a new project and we are giving you access to give some feedback.  We love it and hope you do too!  Enjoy this newest installment of Weekend Warrior with Scott Jones on the Athlete On Fire station!

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Our guest is a triathlete and endurance coach that has had a lifetime of adversity in one year.  Two labral repairs and a life changing diagnosis. While watching the Super Bowl she noticed blurry vision. She went to the doctor soon after to learn of the disease she would have.  She informs us of both of the issues and tries to explain how she is moving forward.  We also go over competing at a high level for endurance athletes and some of the tips and tricks she coaches her athletes to perform at a high level.  Plug those head phones in on your next run or ride and take a journey with our newest guest on the Athlete On Fire show.

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What is a worthy journey?  Do we deserve second chances?  Is it ever too late to become who youmight have been? Is it too late to become an athlete?  These questions and more are answered in today's powerful and inspiring story of redemption. Our guest was on the streets, homeless.  He stole. He hurt people closest to him and he was in and out of jail numerous times.  He even shares all of his mugshots in his speaking presentations these days.  It all came to a sudden and extreme halt, he tried to take his own life.  Needless to say, he failed.  He was tired. He found a magazine in prison that showcased the Ironman in Kona, HI.  This was the trigger for the rest of his life.  Listen how he turned it around and how he is so much more than just an athlete.  Enjoy this episode of the Athlete On Fire show!

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"Outwork me." This is the quote of our guest and we would be surprised if you could.  He had severe spinal stenosis that led to staff infection and had to have back surgery to fix it all. He came back. Slow at first but all he wanted to do was move.  He wanted to run at all times and it continues today.  This elite obstacle racer is a first generation Mexican-American who spent his childhood playing video games.  He is spreading his energy and insight to inspire others to get out there and challenge themselves to be great.  Our guest is a passionate, young athlete and you'll want to go move after listening to his story on this episode of Athlete On Fire!

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Work-life balance.  Is that even possible? Maybe it is but at our house we are going at breakneck speed for half the year to produce events and raise a family.  This episode takes to into our home for the beginning of a very busy and hectic weekend producing another running event in Colorado. You have to grow some thick skin when offering a service for the public and we have, but you also need to have certain leave of empathy and humility to make it work for the long haul.  We are sharing some real life examples of how be open and honest in your successes and failures will make a huge impact. Enjoy our behind the scenes take on Athlete On Fire in this weeks Weekend Warrior show!

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There is a theme of adventure, and trying new things in this episode of the Weekend Warrior.  Hang out with Scott during a long and adventurous weekend that had him meeting world renowned race directors, race announcers, cyclists, among others.  Join him as he travels to Idaho with Mountain Bike Radio founder Ben Welnak.  Little sleep is nothing when the trail and gravel is waiting for you in the prettiest of locales.  And speaking of locals, we got sucked into playing a game that is easily the theme of the show.  We had never heard of it but it was a blast, and involved beer and hand eye coordination so we were happy.  Enjoy our behind the scenes take on Athlete On Fire in this weeks Weekend Warrior show!

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Is fishing a sport?  Or rather, could you be swayed into thinking so? We think you may have a new respect for anglers after listening to this episode.  Our guest decided that she would do everything she can to make it big in the sport to honor her father after he passed away.  She shares how tough fishing all day can be.  What mental attitude is needed to do well and why more women should give it a shot.  How do you practice in your hotel room?  Well, she shares that as well. Join us for another unique and inspiring episode of the Athlete On Fire show!

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