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Have you ever run for a cause?  Well, today's guest takes that concept and goes all in.  He is running all 16 Tough Mudder events in the UK for Help for Heroes, a charity he believes in and is raising money for in his efforts.  You have heard the story before. After quitting smoking and losing weight he tried one of the well known events and was hooked.  This wasn't enough for our guest.  He had to go big. He wanted to try all 16 of these and he wanted to do it for charity.  After serving himself in the Army it was a perfect fit.  He shares his beginnings from the Pacific Northwest and some inspiration competing. The real inspiration for today's guest is that he is a a regular guy doing some amazing athletic things.  Enjoy this episode of Athlete On Fire!

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Coaching is a very time consuming thing but for anyone who truly loves to help young athletes, it's worth every minute.  Throw in the fact that you are a sponsored athlete and a race director and you have one very busy person.  Learn what it takes to organize and put on a high altitude mountain race.  Here how she went to race a marathon and decided on the 45 miler the day before and how she built willpower from the challenge.  Enjoy today's episode with another amazing Athlete On Fire.

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Ben started Mountain Bike Radio a few years ago and was one of the main inspirations for Athlete On Fire's inception.  Today for the Weekend Warrior show we record the morning after camping out with our two young boys.  Besides the yammering of 2 and 3 year olds playing in the dirt we talk about behind the scenes of Athlete On Fire and wha tis inspring the show in the near future!

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How many times have you heard someone say that something is impossible? How many times have you thought something was impossible?  Well, today's guest is making a life and a living out of proving people that nothing is impossible.  We talk about Cold Shower Therapy.  A simple concept that can change your mentality on a daily basis and this was way before the ALS ice bucket challenge!  He has some great stories and be sure to listen to his amazing newest "impossible" journey, the "777 project".  You are going to be inspired by this undertaking.  Enjoy another great inspiring athlete on the Athlete On Fire show!

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Chances are, you have probably participated in an obstacle race.  After all, millions and millions of people have last year alone.  Well, in today's episode we are inspired by one of the best obstacle course racers in the world.  She has a regular job and works her butt off every day just like you and I and that's where the inspiration starts.  She is totally relatable.  She only runs 15-20 miles a week for training but you have to listen to understand why.  She has competed in 24 hour races and the sprints and everything in between and she always gets it done.  She shares an inspring story of competitors stopping to carry an athlete in a wheelchair over an obstacle.  Listen to her workout challenge in the Fitness On Fire segment and why she doesn't "ramp up" or taper for her events.  There is so much here for you to take away so stop reading and go listen to today's Athlete On Fire.

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You know the feeling when you just can't take action no matter how much you know it will help?  That's a rut my friends. Today we get away from the format and talk about 5 ways to go through a goal instead of around one!  This is good for health, fitness, work, and life and Scott put this list together after a few week long rut.  Hopefully, you can apply one or two of these to YOUR life!

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Did you know one of the first battles the Japanese lost in World War II took place in Papua New Guinea?  The Australians held the Japanese off in a historical battle and our guest today travelled the Kokoda Trek where it all took place. Part amazing athletic feat and adventure and part history lesson, today's Athlete On Fire is taking us across the globe to learn more about the history and about the present day challenges to complete the trek.  Our athlete hails from Sydney and was given the task of training one of the most famous chefs in Australia for the adventure, all for charity.  

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What have you done on a bet?  Did you ever end up making the Olympics from that? Yeah, didn't think so.  Today's guest did.  Some guy friends in high school bet the athlete that she couldn't hang with the wrestlers and from there it just gets better.  She talks about walking on at Arizona State University and wrestling Anthony Robles for the first time. She speaks to persistence and coming up poor and resourceful as a kid in Oregon. She is a closet performer(her term), and loves the idea of changing the world.  There have only been a handful of Division I female wrestlers and you are going to enjoy the story of this one today on the Athlete On Fire show!

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Have you thought about running from the Bulls? Scott runs into someone who just got back from Spain with an account so fresh in his mind you can virtually hear the clops of the bulls on the cobblestone streets.  Listen to this episode of the Weekend Warrior show as we talk about running, future guests and why they will inspire you as well as an impromptu interview with a guy who shares his account running from the bulls.  Enjoy!

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Scott brings back the very first guest of the Athlete On Fire show, Sammy Achterberg.  Sammy is vying for a spot on the 2016 Olympic team in the sport of modern pentathlon.  She catches us up on her travels for her World Championships as well as a couple of interesting mishaps.  Now, would you drink the tap water in Egypt?  Find out why it didn't work out for her.  She has been seeing a sports pyschologist and has some nice pointers for how to overcome negativity during competition.  Find out what her days are filled with and why you absolutely should check out her website, and maybe even shoot a few bucks her way.  Enjoy another show with an inspiring young athlete.

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