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Our guest shares his story from Melbourne, Australia.  He is an accomplished age grouper in Triathlon and has dabbled in Ultraman.  Really though, you can't dabble in Ultraman.  Do you want to learn about this crazy endurance event and how our guest trains for it by "Everesting"?  He gives us some great pre and during competition mental tips that will work for any athletic endeavor.  He also shares a great swim set for you aspiring triathletes.  Enjoy this value filled interview with our Athlete On Fire!

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Always the wolf and never the rabbit.  Well, that seems pretty intense but it is really my wife and my way of not getting caught from behind on a trail. Yeah, we are a bit competitive.  This Weekend Warrior is short and sweet and all about past guests, a trip to Arizona, and what is going on in Salt Lake City this weekend that you may want to check out. Thanks for listening to the Weekend Warrior Show on Athlete On Fire.

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Why not just up and leave your comfy job in the London financial markets and go on a soul searching, life fulfilling adventure? Maybe a half marathon followed by a full and an Ironman?  After you get your endurance fix why don't you go live in Thailand and train in Muay Thai?  Think you are good enough? Go fight a professional in the sport. Why not head to L.A and take up fitness modeling?  Now you are talking.  Next on the list.  A paddle down the Amazon.  This is how quickly a life can change and an adventure can begin.  It is the story of today's Athlete On Fire and it's a great one.

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Jason and his wife actually threw away 15 lbs of candy when their three kids wouldn't behave. This, this is why we love this guest. The topic was why consistency is so important in parenting and training as an athlete.


"You've got to find out what motivates your kid."

Seven or eight days? That's it? That is the average length of a New Year's Resolution. While Jason and I don't know how to motivate everyone, his psychology background with my training input gives you a few actionable points to use to stay on track longer. HINT: Social media may be hurting your goal setting.


"People Miss the value of the journey."

What is the difference between intrinsic and extrinsic goals? How can it help you with yours? We chat a little about the difference and Jason shares what works for him.

"I'd be at an aid station during a 100 miler and people would be offering each other Vicadin."

Although Performance Enhancing Drugs seem to improve performance, a little due diligence never hurt. This is mostly an opinion piece. I'll share mine here in case you don't want to listen. Don't be an idiot.

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Was there a mountain biking team at your high school?  Chances are, no.  Our guest and the organization he is with is bringing mountain biking to the masses with the National Interscholastic Cycling Association.  He just happens to be a strong cyclist and passionate traveler.  Enjoy his journey and get riding!

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The Weekend Warrior show is all about what's going on with Athlete On Fire beyond the amazing athletes we have for guests.  Today Scott's better half chimes in with why having kids makes you tougher for all of your goals.  Don't worry, there are some good updates on the crazy month of January including the first ever appearance at a major event for Athlete On Fire.  Enjoy the updates of new guests and what is going on here at HQ in Colorado!

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Our guest has travelled the world and he will tell you why you should too. An avid and strong climber, he shares an inspiring story of strength and will as his climber wife plunged 50 ft into a crumbled hump at his feet.  What happens next gave me the chills for a good part of the interview.  He shares a philosophy on "doing what makes you tick" he defines athlete to a tee.  He recommends two fitness challenges you can do while listening and his general outlook and story telling is going to keep you on for the whole show. Enjoy this installment of the Athlete On Fire show!

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Sherpa John is back to talk about his new Ultra Running event production company, Human Potential Running.  We talk about the mission to bring back the roots of ultra and the community feel  Why he puts on multiple free event that are garnering attention in Colorado.  He gives me advice on running my first 100 miler without overwhelming me.  We talk about limits and about his January tradition, the Streak.  All fun and interesting stuff if you like to run far!  Oh, and he throws in a little jab at the end.  Punk! Enjoy the show.

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There was a feeling during the show today that our guest was capable of anything. She was the Ultrarunner of the Year in 2013, a fitness model, and a successful road runner before that.  Heck, she even ran a 50k while pregnant this year.  She trains other runners and athletes and is also a race director in Colorado.  She is hostnig the first ever Colorado 200, a 200 mile trail race, it's ambitious.   For her success athletically she is still humble, and unique, and there are tons of lessons in today's Athlete On Fire show

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On this first Weekend Warrior episode of 2015 we change it up a bit.  If you like to know what is going on behind the scenes of a one year old website and podcast you might like this.  There is only ONE question we need to answer this year and that question is revealed on the show. Like quirky fitness challenges?  We have one of those too. You can even win something with a small effort.  Enjoy the first show of the year in what is promising to be a great year already for all of us!

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