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Our guest runs a basketball development program in Tampa, Florida.  His intensity from his playing days have allowed him to define and develop a philosophy with the youth he mentors and coaches everyday.  He also just happens to be the all time leading scorer in the state of Florida, Billy Donovan’s first ever recruit for the Florida Gators, former Mr. Basketball in Florida, as well as a former professional.  The accolades are impressive but there were certainly bumps along the way. Lessons were learned and a life’s passion was found.  Enjoy today’s Athlete On Fire!

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In this episode of the Weekend Warrior show we talked about last weeks guest's and the one big takeway from each show including one from an inventor and a candid talk on a serious subject.  Ernie Andrus is making strides running from San Diego to the Georgia coast.  Yeah, it's been done before, but not by a 90 year old.  What amazing adventurers, photographers, hoop star, and runner are on the show this week?  Listen to find out.  It's the Weekend Warrior show with Athlete On Fire.

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Our guests hop on for a group discussion about the roots of and culture of Ultra Running.  Where the sport is headed.  Why they think the production of Born To Run could be a bad thing regardless of the lead actors involved.  They talk about how to discern research based on some literature about running being bad for you recently.  Why should you run long distances if you never have?  It may be the chemistry when it comes down to it.  They both leave us with interesting and challenging workouts to go try this weekend.  Enjoy our first group session on the Cooldown with Athlete On Fire.

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You don't often hear about eating disorders in boys, or men.  Today's guest shares his story and how he came out of his depression and disorder to become a professional triathlete.  He is now helping other youth with similar issues.  As far as the athlete piece, he is a thoughtful triathlete and shares some killer workouts as well as what it takes to stay mentally tough for any sport.  Enjoy today's Athlete On Fire show.

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Our guest is coming out of the UK and is in the middle of a successful Kickstarter campaign for his innovation of the glove.  What in the heck is there to innovate?  A glove is just supposed to keep your hands warm, right?  Well, what about keeping them cool as well?  In any case, this sport technologist shares the process from the idea to market and it's a pretty interesting ride.  Whether you have an idea you want to bring to life or just love seeing how others do it, this is the Athlete On Fire for you!

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We have some great shows coming up but aside from that, we were in the Rockies producing the unique event called Abominable. Set at 10,058' in the high Rockies in the middle of winter we put people through an extreme obstacle course race.  Much of this Weekend Warrior show is based from that locale.  Enjoy!

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