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From one elite athlete to another, this show is all about swim, bike, run, and inpsire.  Join these two athletes as they talk about what drives them and how you can take what they know and use it yourself.  Triathlon Unplugged is the newest show and only Triathlon specific show in the Athlete On Fire Network.  

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Ryan Atkins is absolutely dominating the obstacle racing world right now.  Off the course though, he is a thoughtful and interesting athlete trying to find out what make the best do what they do.  He shares training advice(you should listen) and interviews other interesting athletes.  There are race reviews and upcoming races to go over as well.  Most podcasters are a little rusty when they start but like any good athlete, Ryan finds his stride about ten minutes into the show.  Enjoy this new podcast with the Athlete On Fire Network!

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What do you get when you take a chubby, ginger, vegan, ultrarunner and force them to talk?  A pretty ridiculously inspiring podcast about honoring a family member who passed too soon with humor, passion, and a lot of pain. No, not that kind of pain. The kind that running for hours upon hours might cause.  This host is training for the Leadville 100 and bringing us all along for a ride and he is doing it with the Athlete On Fire Network.  Enjoy this and more from host Jeffrey Binney!

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The one thing that happened after every Athlete On Fire interview show was that we wanted to hear more.  MOre of the adventure, the journey to the top or wherever the guest ended up.  But it was just one show. Not anymore.  We are introducing 6 new podcasts to the Athlete On Fire network during this episode with many more on the way. Listen to learn about each show. This is the Athlete On Fire Network!

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