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  • News and Updates – Vickie is currently working in the UK, with different Institutes of Sport and shares some of her experiences so far about Athlete Sponsorship in the UK
  • Interview – Ian Warner, ex elite athlete turned entrepreneur….we discuss the dynamics of athlete sponsorship and his experiences as an Olympic athlete and now running his own business and podcast…and how sponsorship is still relevant
  • Choosing Sponsors – One of the most common question Vickie ever gets asked is How Do I Choose the Right Sponsors……find out how in this short and sharp workshop activity.

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Ian and Janet have been hard at it figuring out the best way to make sure a nagging knee wouldn't keep Janet from training for the 50 miler in April.  We share three thoughts on how to best approach the situation of potential early injury in a training period.  Ian's expertise and Janet's journey is just starting and we are learning from both of them along the way. Enjoy the Becoming Ultra show produced by Athlete On Fire.

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We are happy to announce a new contributor to the Athlete On Fire show.  She started as a listener and is now contributing to the site and the podcast fun and interesting facts as well as sound training advice.  We talk about a sailing adventure and the new series that covers it on the show.  A world record that includes running and this skill you may or may not have.  Also, a weekend workout challenge with a 35 minute cut off. At least, that is how long it took Scott to finish. Enjoy today's Athlete On Fire show!

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There is an adventure at every stop of of this sailing trip.  Some on land and some on sea.  This episode covers both.  There is trouble off the coast of Venezuela in the form of a big ship with suspicious activity and a run on Panama led to a spooky, undisclosed location.  So far, everything isn't as it seems and we haven't even gotten to the Pacific yet, until the end of this show. Enjoy this episode of Voyage Into Hell.  

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Every great adventure starts somewhere.  Sailing starts with money.  But where do you get it?  What costs are associated with sailing around the world? Steve shares these facts as well as some early adventures in the Caribbean. This is the "Voyage Into Hell" story about a rally around the world on a sailboat.

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Today we get to ponder why podcasting and creating ways to inspire and inform others to be active has had such an impact on the host of the show. Also, random celebrity marathon times and a unique workout you can do with just a log.  Thank you for listening.

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Matt Fitzgerald is an author and runner who is sharing his journey to becoming an ultra runner in 2016 at the American River 50.  Today he shares a nutritional habit of late as well as why he would go run a marathon for confidence, without telling anyone.  Enjoy this episode of the Becoming Ultra Project, an Athlete On Fire production!

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Chris is an every day runner with big goals who is going to be contributing to the Becoming Ultra Project his journey to become an ultra runner.  On this show learn:

  • How he will be adding to this project
  • How he dropped from 260 lbs to where he is now
  • Why he is attempting an ultra
  • When he felt like a legit athlete
  • What race he chose for his first 50 miler
  • Why registering is all he needs to get motivated

Becoming Ultra is produced by Athlete On Fire.  More can be found at

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Today we record in the middle of nowhere, West Virginia.  Nothing is as good or as bad as it seems.  We give a few personal examples.  Scott shares 5 cases for podcasting if you were on the fence. You might not expect the main benefit but it is just that.  A stellar lasagna recipe we found that happens to be gluten free and an amazing adventure just completed in the Amazon. Thanks for listening to the Athlete On Fire Show.



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Why did this company that every outdoor enthusiast loves win the early holiday season boldness award in our book?  You'll have to listen.  Also on the show today, a few tips on how to fly with young kids (the last tip isn't what you'd expect). We also break down which sports mirror life and business the best and want to hear what you think.  Thanks for listening to the Athlete On Fire Show!

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