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Stevie runs some seemingly impossible routes at seemingly impossible paces.  She is also a teacher and has learned how to balance, sometimes with sacrifice, her passion into her life.  A recent weekend trip had her reflecting on the big picture. that we can do more, much more.  This is the Work Hard, Play Harder show on the Athlete On Fire Network!

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My wife goes on bike rides with a local friend.  He has been telling stories about this guest for years.  He finally wrote a book on an unforgettable adventure and now we are going to go through the book, every week, until the adventure is over.  If you like the idea of big, epic, pursuits mixed with pirates, shamans, and real tragedy, this may be interesting.  

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A great refresher on how best to implement a taper into your training from professional trainers and athletes at 360 Athlete for the Athlete On Fire Network.

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There is much to cover in the multi media project, Becoming Ultra.  In the season 2 launch show we introduce a new coach who will be coaching a veteran from the amazing charity Team RWB.

We read some responses to the application to see why these runners want to take it to the next level!

We also go over the application(CLICK HERE TO APPLY) to be Ian’s runner for the season.

Which race will the Ultra project culminate with?

Who are the other team members?

What is Becoming Ultra and why should you listen?

All of this and more on the launch show of Becoming Ultra.

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His message is to "Live Limitless", and he does.  He accompanied his son on the 7 summits. He is running 200 miles next week.  He coaches athletes from all over the world to be more efficient and smarter athletes.  His tips on better sleep are unique and easy to implement.  Mobility in cyclists and endurance athletes in general is important and he gives us a few drills to try to implement in our own training.  He gives three specific strength exercises we should be doing regularly and much more in this resource packed interview.  

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This is the story of how an Israeli military self defense system made it's way to New York and is continually growing.  How can you be more self aware in public situations?  What kind of athletes do well as fighters?  How did our guest grow his gym? Get so much press?  All of this and much more on this episode of Athlete On Fire.

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What is a one rep max and how can you use it for your training?  We are going to find out on today's episode.  The concept of a one rep max has been around for a long time so let's dive in and apply to YOUR training.  The 360 Athlete is a part of the Athlete On Fire network.

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fffffffggddThis month Vickie shares exactly how athlete sponsors
hip works, and takes you through the journey of
engaging sponsorship! She get’s into the mindset, th
e actions and the things to consider when starting
developing your sponsorship plan!
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Stevie is a world class mountain runner who lives in the beautiful Colorado mountain town of Crested Butte.  She must run 120 miles a week relentlessly to be as good as she is, right?  Well you may be surprised to hear how the love of running is almost more important than formally training for the sport.  Tennis, yoga, running by time and not miles.  Just listen to hear what a week in her life is like!

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Jeffrey just got done with back to back marathons on a big weekend of training and he is exhausted.  He breaks down how to prioritize your running training with some good observations from a new runner.  He also brings along a fellow comedian on one of his runs which makes for some interesting and entertaining conversation!  Enjoy.

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