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Most things get made because of the need for something different, or better.  Our guest saw some athletes trying to roll out with a lacrosse ball one day in the gym and he figured, there has to be a better way.  So he did what many innovators and inventors do, he made something that is better!  Listen to his story!

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Our guest tells stories so well he’ll have you from the first 10 seconds of the show. He is one of the most well known endurance athletes on the planet and he shares things with Athlete on Fire you probably haven’t heard anywhere else. Grab that smart phone, plug in those ear phones and get out there while you listening to the inspiring guest today!  This episode was first recorded in 2014 but is so good we had to release again!

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Triathlon Unplugged is about the life, training, and resilience of triathletes.  This episode is no different. Apologies for some audio issues throughout the interview, also they are some graphic topics so please be aware. Jordan and Travis talk about their unlikely brotherhood and connection post accidents. 


What does resilience REALLY mean?  Listen to find out.

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Our guest is the only person to make it to all three poles in one calendar year.  What are the three poles?  Listen to find out.  He teaches us all about the differences and the challenges between the North and the South Poles.  What would YOU do if a polar bear was stalking you and you came face to face with one?  How long did these trips take to complete?  How did he train for them?  We hope you enjoy this episode of the Athlete On Fire show.

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It's a fairly common thing in sport, work, and life.  The rut.  It's easy if you have a huge team around you to pull you out but what if you need to get out of a rut on your own?  How is it possible to get back on track when you are overwhelmed?  We'll tell you.  We will also let you know about text our host got that helped him get out of a rut.  Mostly about athletes, sometimes about life, enjoy the Weekend Warrior show on Athlete On Fire.

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After his college days of playing baseball for the University of South Carolina, today's lead an outdoor adventurous life.  Winning an essay contest with Backpacker Magazine opened up his world to outdoor adventure and charity even further.  Learn about the experience and how you can make a difference AND do the things you love.  Like summitting amazing peaks.  Enjoy this Athlete On Fire!

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This guest is not afraid of a challenge. Considering he dreamed up a most ridiculous version of a triathlon that swims the Straight of Gibraltar and continues to Morocco. He shares the why's and the how's for such an epic attempt!  Enjoy the adventure with this Athlete On Fire!

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360 Athlete is a partner operation in Australia bringing hard science and a diverse background to training their clients and reaching people all over the world with their online training platform.  Listen to Nils interview an athlete training for MMA.  This is the Athlete On Fire Network!

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Triathlon Unplugged is about all things triathlon.  What did these athletes do before the sport they now love and how are they competing at such a high level.  On this show, hear:

How did Ronnie get into the sport?  Of course he won his first race……or not?!?

Ronnie on doing it your own way. 

Mentors and friends – we all need them!

Is Ronnie the John McEnroe of Triathlon? Likely the only professional Triathlete to almost beat Roger Federer! Ronnie talks about his junior Tennis career 

What’s it like being a part of the Uplace-BMC Triathlon Team 

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Sponsorship For Athletes is all about bringing value to relationships and on ths show Vickie brings on an athlete and client to talk about the journey to sponsorship.  Part entertaining and part resource, you will leave with some ideas on how to get and keep sponsors as an athlete. Enjoy this show as a part of the Athlete On Fire Network!

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