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Originally from Nuremberg, Germany, Fabian left home when he was 17 to join the German Army Special Forces as a Supporter in their Operations Center and Training & Testing Center for about two years. A decade later he moved to California and now lives in San Jose, where he work as IT Security Analyst.

Among other events, he's completed more than a dozen Goruck events, two of them 24hr Heavies, and two Spartan HH12HR events. Coming from a strong endurance base, he switched to speed in 2015 and managed to work his way up through the ranks in Spartan Race and finished the last race in the Top 10 of the Elites.

He shares his experiences and perspectives on Flow Not Force and compete on NBC’s “Spartan: The Ultimate Team Challenge”, which will air within the next few months.

One of the more quiet, and horribly underrated endurance athletes in the scene today, SISU catches up with Fabian to talk about how he trains, his plans and accents that aren't American.

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Dre Baldwin shares 3 things he would tell his younger self if given the opportunity. They regard a different take on education, people skills, and selling. 
A master communicator who teaches people on how to better communicate their sales pitches, make connections and listen to others, Dre looks back on his high school and college years for what he would have wanted someone to tell him back then. You would be smart to listen up and apply this stuff. It works. 
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It's the 20th day of the year for goodness sake and that fresh new year smell is running off.  We can tell by the dwindling gym goers and generally less than motivated people we are running into here in Colorado.  You can make sure it doesn't happen to you though.  Stop working out for your health, it's not working.  Hear why on the show. Also, a Coloradan's first trail run and longest run of his life.  And, what is good ol Mark Zuckerburg up to these days?  That and more on the Athlete On Fire show.

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The American representative from FIMBA joins us today to talk about the organization that is organized masters level basketball competition all over the world.  He got his start as a guard at Boston College in the late 70's and his love for the game has never let down.  He shares how he stays fit for the game he loves as well as some entrepreneurial endeavors he has started in the space.  Enjoy today's Athlete On Fire!

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In this podcast episode, Dre Baldwin covers the 3 things everyone needs to place yourself in the top 5% of ANYTHING you do in life (It’s actually Top 1%, but Dre used 5% to make it more “realistic” for people who lack a certain amount of self-belief):
1) Have goals and visions and look at them DAILY
2) Obtain books and audio tapes, aka personal development, and consume the content DAILY
3) Become consciously aware of your habitual thought; learn to identify non-empowering thoughts and immediately replace them with positive, empowering thoughts. 
Dre emphasizes that the mental component you bring to anything will play a large part in determining your success or failure. As an expert in empowerment, confidence and the mental game, Dre is the perfect person to share who you can ling your goals and your mental game to get where you want to go. 
Connect with Dre --
Twitter @DreAllDay
Periscope @DreAllDay
Instagram @DreBaldwin 
SnapChat @DreBaldwin
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Krystal and Janet travelled to Carlsbad California for two different but very cool reasons.  Krystal was trying to qualify for the Boston Marathon and Janet was running her first marathon ever!  We sit down to talk all things pre race and strategy with them and Liza Howard.  Becoming Ultra is a part of the Athlete On Fire network.

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After leaving Darwin, Australia, on their sailing trip around the world, Steve and Maria headed to Indonesia.  The first real threat of pirates was on this stretch. Before the pirates were even an issue they had to deal with small countries that wanted them to move on because their bribes were just not enough for their liking.  Bali turned out to be a bit of a disappointment for reasons we never would have guessed. Next up, Singapore.  Enjoy the Voyage Into Hell show as we chronicle a husband and wife's journey around the world on a sailboat!

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Having been brought together by the Death Race, both Brandon and Odette - two punk kids - now find that living life is so much better.

A keen love of the outdoors is consolidated by the fact that nature doesn't discriminate.

"She will expose you for who you are,:" explains Odette.  "If you’re willing to learn she will reveal your strengths, weaknesses, and insecurities. It's truly magical when you unplug and commit to getting lost. Being alone with your thoughts and forcing yourself evaluate who you are is eye-opening. We want this.

Always searching for good vibes in the midst of modern life with it's chaos and adversity, these two friends harness nature to breathe fresh air into their lungs, both literally and figuratively.

"We seek out events that facilitate this," she continues. "We crave being around other people that are our kinda crazy.

We have made lifelong friends and met some of the planet’s most rad humans doing these events.We wanted an excuse to hang out with these people again, so we made one and created TPK Endurance."

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Every entrepreneur in the world of sport, performance, adventure, and athletics knows the feeling of wanting more freedom.  Of being able to work on something they would do for free.  Starting is number one for any endeavor but where?  We talk about where you should start when picking and entrepreneurial journey.  The list you be making before you start. What is a good why?  What are common mistakes by other entrepreneurs?  Dre shares some info about his upcoming TED talk and we get to hopefully inspire and inform you to get started!  DreOnFire is a part of the Athlete On Fire Network.

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The main subject of Fitz Ultra, Matt Fitzgerald has run more than 20 marathons in his life.  He has not, until now, run one by himself.

We dive into every question we could think of logistically, mentally, nutritionally, and otherwise as to how it went and how you can do this too.  It’s not as crazy as it seems, especially when you are training for a 50 miler.  WE also talk about a concept training run, the “open loop”. What is it and why should you try it for your training. Enjoy the Fitz Ultra episode which is produced by Athlete On Fire!

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