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Our guest has done some of the most amazing feats of endurance in the world.  Some of them, beyond comprehension.  And that's his mission. To prove that anything is possible by anyone.  Trekking death valley, Everest, and even running across America are a few of his exploits.  We go deeper though. What is a good why when it comes to adventure and running?  What was his biggest achievement physically?  What's next?  We also delve into a bunch of non endurance topics.  His advice on politics, money, relationships, drugs, and pretty much anything made the list.  Enjoy this show from a wise and travelled athlete. You won't regret it.

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Our guest, like all of them for My First Ultra, shares her story about why and how she trained for and completed her first ultra run, a 50 miler.  Things weren’t pretty when she started but she persevered and has some great stories along the way.  Mantra’s and mental tricks and all, enjoy her journey to become an ultra runner. My First Ultra is a show about runners first ultra.  Why did they sign up? What race was it? What gear did they use?  Learn something from them so your experience is even better!  My First Ultra is a part of the Athlete On Fire Network.

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There that one skill.  The one that if I told you we were going to have a show about it to teach you how to do it better you would never listen.  The thing is, everyone has to apply it differently whether an athlete, entrepreneur, or any other goal seeking individual.  Get ready for a new lesson on the same topic today on the Dre All Day show.  Dre All Day is a part of the Athlete On Fire Network.

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This week we make our way with Steve and Maria to the land down under!  Australia was both a chance to fix up the boat and relax a bit before the intense journey to Indonesia.  Extreme heat, natives in dangerous lands, and the amazing town of Darwin before they set off for Indonesia in this episode.  This series is taking us around the world and we are half way there!

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It's a match made in heaven. Team SISU, known for designing an event and then spending some more time thinking of ways to break the participants even more and Goruck, a company led by people that take a sick sense of pleasure in having people grimace in physical discomfort for hours at a time. It seems only right that the two join forces for events and indeed, this podcast.

In this episode, regular host Cookie talks to Goruck Partnership Manager & Photographer Kit Klein about the company, it's aims, it's goals and everything in-between.  

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Janet is one of the rare few who is about to run her first marathon as a training run.  When you are training for your first 50 miler that makes sense. Listen to see how her training is coming along to date!  We also brainstorm some indoor training/running ideas for these winter months.  Enjoy the Becoming Ultra Show!

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The new year is bringing solid new talent to the mix for Athlete On Fire.  We announce the new network contributors, hear from our Canadian Correspondent on some naked business and get the year rolling with some behind the scenes info.  Enjoy the Athlete On Fire show!

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Dre "All Day" Baldwin is here to inspire, inform, motivate, and empower athletes and entrepreneurs all over the world.  As a former professional athlete and one of the first athletes to train with video on YouTube, by accident, Dre has a great voice to share (both literally and figuratively).  No nonsense and as real as they come.  We are planning on the Dre All Day show to be a hit with the Athlete On Fire network.


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Steve and Maria have made it into the heart of Polynesia. Tragic news meets them at sea just after an omen of sorts.  Volcanic islands and cultural rituals infuse the already adventurous undertaking. Good thing noone was under that lava the size of a volkswagon. Enjoy this episode of the Voyage Into Hell, a sail around the world!

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SURVIVAL RUN™ is not an obstacle course race, an adventure race, an ultra marathon or a survival skills event, but an adaptation of all of these.

SURVIVAL RUN™ is all about adapting to the environment and taking on challenges that are part of the culture and location where the event takes place. SURVIVAL RUN™ does not pretend to be dangerous, it *IS* dangerous. That is why it is by application only and allows only those who are truly physically and mentally prepared to take on the extreme challenges.

Hacking your way through forests with a locally-sourced machete? Climbing a volcano? Slim chance in completing the event? Check, check and check. Responsible for one of the most arduous and notorious endurance events in the world today, Team SISU's very own Cookie talks to the man that created this monster of an event - Josue Stephens.

SISU:RADIO is a part of the Athlete On Fire Network.

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