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Adam Takacs is a Toronto based ultramarathon runner who has a 'Zen Badass' approach to running and life. We met Adam last fall in the Netherlands at 100km World Championships. We immediately admired his fat adapted lifestyle and laid back aura. He loves his cat Fisher and his hot wife Julie. Aside from running in the outdoors, he is an avid hunter and fisher who prefers eating wild game. (Sometimes peanut M&Ms during 100 milers).

One of his mantras is, "You can't study the darkness by flooding it with light." - Edward Abbey
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The Iditarod is a 1000 mile route in the wilderness of Alaska that many adventurous souls attempt, with the help of their dogs.  This is the story of one of those adventurers and her two attempts at completing the race.  The first ended in fairly traumatic fashion.  This episode is about journey but it is also about living in Alaska, how Debbie got into to racing dogs, family, and more of what it means to be adventurous.  Enjoy this Athlete On Fire!

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Liza and Scott both had instances with trail garbage this weekend and the topic of trail etiquette took over the show. If you are new to the trail or trail running, this is a good conversation to hear.  It may seem like common sense but if it isn't, we cover it here!  Also, Krystal has healed from an injury and is in cruise mode.  The American River 50 is fast approaching.  Enjoy the Becoming Ultra show that is produced by the Athlete On Fire network.

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Energy drainers. You feel worse after talking to them. They seem to just suck the life out of a room by their mere presence. You feel like taking a nap or a (mental) shower when you get away from them. I'll show you how to identify and eliminate these parasites from your life.  Athletes need these people out oft heir lives too.  It's a great wake up call for how to decide who to give your precious time to.  DreAllDay is a part of the Athlete On Fire Network!

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Mark Webb was already a well established endurance athlete before his motorcycle accident.

A familiar face in the Goruck and Death Race communities, his relentless energy baffled many. How can so much "go" be contained in just one person? Mark continued to push and drag and carry with relative ease through many events.

Has life changed drastically since the accident? If so, how?

Listen here to the man that won't lay down.  We hope this show will empower you to go do something amazing!  SISU:RADIO is a part of the Athlete On Fire Network.

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Productivity. How many blog posts and YouTube videos and podcasts episodes have you heard about this? And listening to, reading and watching them cost you time that could be spent being, you know, productive! Well, Dre Baldwin jumps into the productivity conversation with 3 (+1 bonus) tips for making the most out of not only your days, but your life.   DreAllDay is a part of the Athlete On Fire Network.
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Warren Pole got into journalism to be around his passion, motorcycle racing.  It just so happened that he loved journalism. This love would bring him around the world to cover stories and take part in many adventures.  He signed up for one of the worlds toughest foot races with only a 10k under his belt.  This started a new passion for him, ultra endurance.  This new passion led to the creation of the start up he is building for athletes around the world.  An amazing story of how our passions lead to invention and the journey along the way.  Enjoy this Athlete On Fire

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Matt Fitzgerald is back to share his journey or experiences training for his first ever ultra.  He is sharing his experience from his back to back 20 milers back east as well as a pretty cool fact about the route he chose.  Also, he made his way up to the American River 50 course to run the last 23 miles. He has some takeaways from that run.  He also decided to run the 23 carb fasted.  What does this mean in general and what was his goal with it?  We hope you enjoy this episode while on your own run!

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Excuses. We don't like hearing them. We hate heart that we're making them ourselves. How about we get rid of them completely? Dre Baldwin shares 3 full-proof steps to eliminating excuses in life for EVERYONE. 

1. Stop thinking you owe explanations to anyone 
2. Don't share your goals with anyone who is not directly involved in making them happen
3. Do what you say you will do! 
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As a new ultra runner you know that everyone is running long back to back runs on the weekends.  The problem is, you have no idea where to start.  What should your base be?  How many each day? What are your pacing goals?  Should the terrain differ? We answer these and more to help you figure it out.  Also, Ian Sharman talks about his goals for Rocky Raccoon 100 miler in Texas and we have to mention some free training sessions for the treadmill in the middle of winter.  Enjoy the Becoming Ultra show produced by the Athlete On Fire Network.

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