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We were on the top of the world.  Well, the top of the ski mountain that sometimes feels like the top of the world. Why was their fresh powder here?  We got a late start and still, knee deep powder?  It's crazy, thousands of other people had the chance to ski this stuff but they didn't.  Why?  Because they didn't go just a little bit further.  Just 70 yards more and they would have been in heaven like we were.  There are plenty of examples of when going just a little bit further can make a big difference and that's what today's show is all about.  Thanks for listening to the Athlete On Fire show!

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They say podcast recording is like running an ultra. They don't say that. But we love a good running analogy. After months of technological difficulties, we may have finally reached the starting line. The last few months have taught us to persevere through frustration and false finish lines. As Scott Jones said, "I feel like we all just ran a 100 miler together through a snow storm." Ultra thank yous to Scott and Athlete on Fire.
Today we talk about how even though running can be our medicine, it does not always help with stress. If it feels stressful, chances are it is taxing your mind or body - or both. Connecting the body and mind (as non yogis). Also, why it is important in life to find your unicorns. Ultra Dirt is the newest edition to the Athlete On Fire network.
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This Athlete On Fire was recorded on the daunted Monday after Daylight Savings.  An inspiring email was read on air and you are probably going to be able to relate if you are training for anything.  We talk about an amazing upcoming guest, a great workout to try, achilles treatment, and why training for health alone is pretty dumb.  Enjoy this episode of the Athlete On Fire show!

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Steve Siguaw shares the sad and troubling days as a member of his sailing rally runs into pirates on the open sea.  As we have been following his story of a sail around the world, we knew this show would come.  The story is tragic but some stories are meant to be told.  This is the Voyage Into  Hell show.

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Dre Baldwin of  and Scott Jones, founder of Athlete On Fire, cohost a show all about their experiences.  Dre is a prolific social media icon and expert in all thing media, marketing, empowerment, and basketball(how it all got started).  Today they speak about the hustle it takes to produce so much valuable content and specifically, their schedules. Also, why is Dre launching his own podcast.  Come hang out on our newest weekly and only cohosted show on the Athlete On Fire network.  

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Liza and Krystal come to talk about something that every runner struggles with.  Figuring out an answer when your friends, many of them not runners, want to know how long your race is going to take you.  Having the right goal before you go into the race is important as is being able to tell crew and family/friends about when to expect you.  We also go over Krystal's training for the last couple weeks.  Enjoy Becoming Ultra. Note: At 12 minute mark Liza squeeled.  We don't think her cat was harmed but we have no evidence either way.  It is, however, pretty fun

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Matt Fitzgerald again shares his approach to training for his first ultra coming up in the next month.  He has been running carb fasted for some pretty big runs and the outcome is pretty interesting.  We talk a bit about his most recent blog regarding NOT going fat adapted. What are the next couple weeks looking like and what big project is he working on today?  All this and more on the Fitz Ultra show.

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Accountability, sense of purpose, new skills, and fun.  These are some of the reasons you should train for something bigger than you have ever done. Something out of your comfort zone.  One of the only ways you know if training for your health is working is if you get sick or hurt.  That's no way to do this thing, life.  On today's should we hope to give you specific points for yourself, or someone you know needs to hear it.  The Athlete On Fire show is about bridging the gap between amazing athletes, adventurers, and entrepreneurs!

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The adventure to sail around the world continues and as tensions rise within the rally you can feel the tension on the open water.  Planning for pirates between India and Oman and an encounter on the coast of India is making for an ominous crossing.  Join the show that is following one sail boats adventure amidst tragedy, The Voyage Into Hell.

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When it comes to endurance, few people can boast a resume quite like Helene.

First female finisher of Fuego Y Agua, Spartan Race Ultra Beast podium finisher, plus various endurance runs across American states including an arduous 8 days run across volcanic Hawaiian mountains, she's been there, seen it and despite having done it all, she's still thirsty for more.

Taking time out of her busy schedule to talk to Cookie of Team SISU, one of the most criminally underrated athletes of today explains what makes her tick and how to go about destroying an event that takes days to accomplish.

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