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We have been following along with Matt Fitzgerald and his journey to become an ultra runner for the last 6 months and finally, the day has come.  On this episode we talk about the race and everything surrounding it including the many rookie mistakes, how many times he fell, the head on mountain biker, and big time takeaways for next time.  Enjoy the Fitz Ultra show as a part of the Athlete On Fire Network!

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The American River 50 was all we could have asked for and more.  Gutty and emotional runs for for both Krystal and Janet.  Family, friends, and a nice warm day to run a beautiful course.  Lives were definitely changed. We are on the road for this show and you'll know what all Becoming Ultra is up to after this episode!  

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James Appleton knows what it means to be an endurance winner.

Making Tough Guy UK - one of the single hardest events in the world - his own has proven that. Placing top 10 at the World Championship Spartan race after coming "from nowhere" made people sit up and pay attention to the fact that the UK has athletes that should be taken very seriously. When he's not competing in endurance and OCR races, his photography job sees him explore unforgiving, but beautiful mountain ranges across the world.

Enjoy SISU:RADIO, a part of the Athlete On Fire network!

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Hailing from Roswell, Georgia comes SISU Pro Team member Alec Blenis.

A veteran of not just Spartan Races, but a long, impressive line of ultra marathons and endurance events, Alec knows exactly what it means to push his body to extreme lengths.

Cookie from Team SISU talks to the athlete about his training, his races and his diet and how they all mesh to make him what he is.

Enjoy the SISU:RADIO show, a part of the Athlete On Fire Network.

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Antics on the court and field of play are often scrutinized.  How often are they reasonable and needed in real life?  We talk about it on the show today.  DreOnFire is a part of the Athlete On Fire network.

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