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On this episode of the Cooldown we bring on both a race director of one of the quirkiest running events out there and a woman who is relearning how to walk and run all over again, at a Spartan no less.  Thoughts on the Battlefrog head to head between Hobie Call and Ryan Atkins and why doing "ordinary" really well is pretty darn inspiring.  Enjoy the Cooldown, produced by Athlete On Fire.

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The Becoming Ultra Project is about to begin season 3 and we share some of the details, including the launch date!  Also, Warren is on the road baking in the sun and finding amazing running communities and Nathan and Run Gum are getting ready for the Olympic season with an interesting event of their own. Enjoy the Becoming Ultra show, a part of the Athlete On Fire network!

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Keith Wilford: Becoming Mentally & Physically Strong for the Challenge of Life

Download the action plan from this episode here:

Today I bring you Keith Wilford. Keith works with athletes to prepare them to be physically and mentally strong for the next challenge of their journey. Built into this effort is a clear focus on the concept of the importance of discovering the meaning of hard work as they attempt to exceed their own expectations. Keith has risen to national prominence by delivering high energy, relevant messages to groups across the country that encourage and inspire people of all ages and backgrounds to break those barriers that tend to preclude them from reaching their potential.


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Gabriel and Tarran met in London over a decade ago and have been friends since. He’s an excitable guy with an appetite for success.

In todays episode we have a lot of fun talking about his coaching career, property portfolio, picking a team, growing, fear, what success means, laziness, excuses, finding solutions, resilience and regrets and what it means to have a mentor, and that leap of faith you’ve got to be prepared to take.


Enjoy this first episode of The Human Perspective Podcast as the newest contributor to the Athlete On Fire Network!



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Quietly carving his name into the arm of endurance sports, Wesley Kerr has a string of impressive records to his name. Having already set the fastest lap at World's Toughest Mudder, he has, amongst other things, now added the title of Sisu Ironman to his already long list of impressive feats.

His relentless pursuit of faster times, more inclines and seemingly impervious-to-failure performances begs the question, "how does he do it?"

In between his studying, Wesley kindly took the time to speak to Cookie of Team SISU about how base in fitness and where the famous red tights came from.

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Today we enlighten listeners by explaining why we think running ultras is like dating. From coconut oil to friendships  - we make some appropriate and inappropriate running and life analogies. Next up we interview Shannon Robertson from The Born Wild Project! Ultra Dirt is a part of the Athlete On Fire Network!

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The Cooldown is bringing in depth interviews from the people of endurance events all over the world.  From the competitors to the race directors and the ones who write about it all on Monday morning, we want to Cooldown and see what's been going on.  This episode features Ryan Atkins and Lindsay Webster who won the Spartan in Montana over the weekend.  Margaret Schlachter has been as busy as anyone in OCR but she gets to take a few minutes and share what her Rugged Maniac Richmond experience was like.  John Lacroix, race director of the 3rd Annual Niwots Challenge, "The Barkley of the West," shares how the event went this past weekend.  All this and more from the weekly show that is produced by Athlete On Fire!

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David Clark founded the We Are Superman site to inspire action.  The action he has taken after living the life of a morbidly obese addict has been no less than awesome.  He celebrated 10 years of sobriety with ten truly epic challenges that he shares with us on the show.  If you or someone you know is in a rut or needs help deciding what step to take next, the message might be here.  Enjoy this passion filled episode of Athlete On Fire.

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How to Get Anything You Want 10X Faster

If you set out to build a new house in five years, it will take you five years.

If you have a hard deadline and have to build that same house in six months or your family will be out in the cold all winter, it will take you six months.

Any task takes the time allotted.

Here’s an example. I was recently in the office the day before a long business trip. I had way too much to do and not enough time to do it. I sat down in the at my desk in the morning with the same number of hours in the day as I have any other day but with far more on my plate than I could accomplish. By the time I left the office at the end of the day, everything was complete.

Why? Why did I get…. three times more done on this particular day then on any other day?

Because I had to.

When you have to do something, you do it. The reason most people don’t exercise enough is because they dont have to. The excuse is  “I don’t have time” but if you get a phone call from the school and you have to pick up your sick daughter and take her to the doctor immediately, you do it. It takes two hours out of your day but by tomorrow that missing two hours has dissolved into your day and you never miss it. You had to take your sick child to the doctor-- it was a priority. And if you had to catch up at work because you missed two hours, you would… if you had to.

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Being part of the Goruck furniture in Southern California, Ted Ibarra is in his element surrounded by weight, flutter kicks and most importantly, his friends.

To him, the event is largely unimportant. Camaraderie and having a get-together are his priorities. But, it begs the question, "why not just have a dinner or something that doesn't involve pain?". Isn't there a more sedate way of surrounding yourself with good company and making good memories?

Cookie from Team SISU caught up with Ted and tries to fathom why the Orange County resident likes being in pain so much.

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