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It's been over 6 months since Liza and Krystal first met and start a journey that would lead to Krystal's first attempt at a 50 mile run.  This show is the reflection of the experience.  What she learned, what she would do differently, and more.  Enjoy the Becoming Ultra Season 2 finale!  Becoming Ultra is produced by Athlete On Fire.

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Run Ragnar is a trail relay run and we are pretty pumped to have them on the show.  Their Race Director for the Snowmass, Colorado event comes on the show and shares what the experience will be like for the runners and what to expect.  Also, an update from the road with 33 Shake co-founder Warren Pole. We also share a story we have to share with you and more on the Becoming Ultra show, an Athlete On Fire production.

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Jim Harshaw Jr. has competed at the highest level in the world of wrestling and now he is on a mission to share his own failures and tap into yours to bring success to your life from the lessons learned.  A thoughtful and thought provoking take on what it really takes to be successful. 

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The Cooldown is a weekly show produced by the team over at Athlete On Fire. Get ready to hear from the athletes that competed last weekend as well as the most interesting news we could find and a little training advice mixed in.  Enjoy this first episode of many to come and don't forget to give Mud Run Guide some love for sharing this with you!

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