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In this episode Chris and I get into his experience in the British Navy at the age of 17. Dealing with negative influences, the workings of social media, his experience exiting the military and transitioning into the world as a civilian and building his tech company.  We discuss mindset and ideas surrounding entrepreneurship and how to make money doing what he loves. Talk about his recovery from being hit by a car and breaking his back, the mental strength it takes to overcome the years of recovery. We then go deep into the impending European Brexit election, should the UK stay or go. Chris is a very open and forthright guy who I had a lot of fun chatting with, I hope you enjoy our chat as much as I did.


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The Becoming Ultra is showcasing yet another runner training for a 50 miler with the coaching help of one of the best ultra runners out there, Liza Howard.  We talk about his best and worst experiences running to date, what he is excited about, as well how his relationship with his coach will work.  We hope you enjoy and learn something from the show!

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Mark founded and has been running Ministry of Football for over a decade now. He’s seen it grow from an initial session of 2 kids to over 155 kids in attendance. He’s a cool cat with an appetite for creating the best learning outcomes. You can get a sense of his desire to cultivate “Learning and Enjoyment” in each footballing session. We delve into learning styles, competition when and why? Different approaches to learning, the amount of time kids are actually at play.We hope you enjoy this interview with Mark Carter.

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What is the opposite of play?  It may not be obvious to you but if you are into OCR and endurance and recreation in general we think you'll "get it".  The world sees tragedy again but it isn't only a tragic place.  We actually seek physical suffering in the 21st century so maybe things are a bit better than they seem, overall.  A weird ailment hits the host and are you training for a hilly or mountainous course this summer?  We start a five part series on creatively training for that terrain.  The Cooldown is a part of the Athlete On Fire network.

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On this episode, Travis Macy. Travis is an ultra endurance athlete, author, speaker and high performance consultant. Travis won the Leadman Series and has the fastest known traverse of Zion National Park. He’s competed in Abu Dhabi, Sweden, China and Australia and many other parts of the world. His book is titled “The Ultra Mindset: An Endurance Champion’s 8 Core Principles for Success in Business, Sports and Life.” We’re going to dive into four of those principles and a few other topics in today’s interview.  

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This selection show is always pretty fun but inevitably we always wonder if we made the right choice after it’s all said and done.

  • Will the runner respect the process?
  • Will they flake?
  • Will they give up at the first sign of adversity?
  • Did the other runners offer more?

After it’s all said and done, there is no bad choice.  A bunch of runners who want to experience something EPIC have put themselves out there.  We are excited to help the runner we picked and hope that you all will get involved in this community of support and passion for BEcoming Ultra. Becoming Ultra is produced by Athlete On Fire.

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Having completed more Spartan Race Ultra Beasts than literally anyone on the planet, Scott Weir knows a thing or two about endurance racing.

With experience also in other long-form events, Scott has found a place to burn off his excess energy, but remains very modest and understated about the whole thing. Intrigued, Cookie from Team SISU caught up with the Canadian and his rambunctious feline friend and discussed what it means to run across mountains for hours or even days at a time, and more to the point, why it never phases him.

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Trusting that Darkness Turns into Light... 

On May 28, some UltraStar acquired two Guinness World Records in one day. This big deal happens to be 'The Swoosh' herself, Arielle Fitzgerald. Tory decided to take charge of the 'humble brag' and interview Arielle for their own UltraDirt podcast. In this episode, we talk about the Mito Canada treadmill record experience and all the highs and lows that came with it. And like most episodes, we do not care for filters. 

We are now closer to defining normal. 
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Summer is coming and we all need a refresher on running and training in the heat.  While we are at it, what are people saying about running high, as in, stoned.  We talk about an article on the topic on the show as well.  The Cooldown is the place for weekly OCR and endurance commentary from Athlete On Fire and mud Run Guide.


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Luke Hindes is a Physical Education teacher, a Football (soccer) coach, has competed in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, is a Marathon runner, has cycled to Europe “Paris”, is a world record breaker for the longest game of 5-aside football, and has recently competed in a long distance swim, a 5Mile Swim.

Luke is a long time friend of mine I met when I was 18 years old in London.

This is a very casual conversation where we chat about our time road tripping through the East Coast of the US. Luke’s time in India, Slums and Favela’s, Luke’s views on teaching and education, Free Schools and our younger selves.

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