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Today I bring you Scott Jones. Scott played baseball in college and now owns L2S, which stands for “Life’s 2 Short”, an event production company as well as runs all aspects of and He’s interviewed and worked with some of the top athletes in America and has discovered what makes successful people tick. Scott and his wife, Lauren, have two boys and live in Littleton, CO.


Jim Harshaw Jr. and the Wrestling With Success show is a contributor of the Athlete On Fire network.

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Doctors told Fernando in no uncertain terms what would happen if he didn't get healthy. The brutal wake up call snapped the Mexican into shape and now he's the full-bearded OCR and endurance machine you may have seen in Reebok commercials.

Cookie from Team SISU caught up with the popular fitness instructor and discussed his life and adventures on obstacle racing and endurance events, to discuss what makes him tick.

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On this episode we share some needed changes to the very hectic Season 3 of the project.  We talk about mindset when you suffer big injuries and Warren Pole of 33 Shake comes on to talk about his cross country trip in the USA and the changes to labels by way of the FDA.  Thanks for listening.

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Loren Landow trains some of the best and most committed athletes in the world. What does his journey to this point look like?  What career decisions has he made and what challenges to up and coming coaches and trainers face? Listen to Loren and Scott, the host, talk about the industry in general and some ways to do well in the space. Also, one exercise you can't do without in a bunch of random sports.  Enjoy this episode of the Athlete On Fire show.

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