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Hosted by Dispatch resident MTB expert and race announcer Sean Franklin tries (unsuccessfully) to take a break from being surrounded by ultrarunners on the podcast while we take the show to the Kitchen Next Door at Union Station in downtown Denver for the Colorado High School Cycling League fundraiser. League Executive Director and 2015 Sportswomen of Colorado ‘Trailblazer’ award winner Kate Rau and Director of Operations John “Hutch” Hutchinson sharing their own mountain biking origin stories and discuss the history, origins, goals, structure and summer schedule for this unique co-ed youth league that started in 2010. We hear from parents, coaches and others affiliated with the league to get their experience with this unique opportunity to get all kids hooked on being outside, participating and competing at a high level regardless of experience or even disability and Coach Bussey of East High School’s cycling team gives his advice on great locations around the Denver Metro area to help further develop your or your young racer’s mountain bike skills. Dispatch host Laurie Nakauchi discusses her impressive results and perhaps shares her secrets for success at the notoriously challenging and high Silverheels 100 Mile; regarded as the “Grand-daddy” of all Human Potential Running Series events (put on by Dispatch’s very own Sherpa John – we’re like one big family over here). Who doesn’t love a race with 5-11 free bonus miles and middle of the night hallucinations? Cory and Russ briefly touch on the adventures they, Nick and Tony had the previous weekend during the Never Summer Adventure Race as complete adventure racing novices that they committed to during the last episode – a more detailed  follow-up episode is in the works.


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Darrell & Megan talk about the big goals they've been working towards all year and what the final 3 months of training looks like. Delve into their training plans a bit and get some ideas for your own! It's not as out of reach or silly as it might seem - we promise :) All that, plus a lesson in...making the right call...

Next time? The running journeys that led them to this point. 

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Our guest has been training all of his life for sport.  When it was time to transition from Biathlon to OCR, he had no problem.  His story is pretty similar to many OCR athletes as far as how he found the sport.  He talks training and about his journey on this episode. 

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Today I bring you Tom Rowland. Tom is a fisherman by trade. He’s developed a vast media empire from scratch. He’s started and hosted multiple outdoor television shows including one on ESPN, NBC Sports and The Sportsman’s Channel and . He started as a fishing guide in Montana, Wyoming and Idaho and continued as a guide in Key West, FL with no prior experience and eventually won the ESPN Great Outdoor Games. He’s also a successful CrossFit athlete and completed SealFit Kokoro, developed by Navy Seal Mark Divine, who was my guest on episode 45.
Tom credits his background as a wrestler for his business and personal success.

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Iram's charm and grace goes before him, wherever he goes. A doting father, an incredible runner, he's like most endurance runners, albeit one of the most gentle, softly spoken  men you could ever wish to meet.

His smile belies the fact that he has battled brain cancer for some time, but finds a release in running. Running is his therapy.

Cookie from Team SISU caught up with the Texan recently and discussed what it means to teach his young daughter how to run like her dad and to constantly push against the demons that would try to drag him down.


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This one gets pretty uncomfortable, literally. We go a bit longer in the episode because there was so much to talk about regarding chafing, bears, and training.  Becoming Ultra is here to relate to the world of first time ultra runners.  Pop those head phones in, go for a run and enjoy the show!

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August 12, 2016 started on a couple mountain bikes in the cool Colorado air, at 3:30am.  We rode to the bluffs outside of town to take in the Perseid Meteor shower.  Facts about the event in the sky, a weird critter in the woods, coffee and delirium ensue.  Have a great Friday wherever you are in the world.  We hope you learn one simple or silly fact and laugh at least once!  



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Do you know an addict?  Do you think you may be one?  Take 3 minutes to listen to this excerpt from a recent Athlete On Fire show.  Original show HERE> AOF:166 Karlyn Pipes

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I'm Darrell McTague, and THIS is "So THIS Is Fitness". This is the newest show on the Athlete On Fire network, and I'm thrilled to be here! Join me as I share a little bit about myself, where So THIS Is Fitness came from (it's been around for a while, actually), and what its really all about. And, in the wake of my most recent ultramarathon experience...let's talk a little bit about failure.
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The withdrawal was getting real, so the girls needed to catch up. On today's show, Tory and Arielle chat about their latest summer adventures. Arielle crushes her first 70.3 triathlon 'watchless' and going by feel, crews her friend to win Sinister 7 ultra, and gets high on some peaks in the Canadian Rockies. Tory returns from ultradriving with Tara to Colorado to play, run, and volunteer on the Hardrock 100 course in the San Juans in Colorado, and transitions to van life. Reflections today include learning from the experts about how to embrace the process, societal expectations, taper brain, and the purity they love so much that exists in the ultrarunning community. 
To learn more about UltraDirt visit:
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